Poetry Book

Poetry Book

I'm no good with poetry, but I'll give it a shot!

Poetry does not have to rhyme, so most of mine does not~ Sorry! ^^

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
When I first saw you,
Standing over the way,
I knew my heart was skipping,
But only for you.
Your name did no evade me,
As soon you would see,
So I came to you in beggars rags,
Wanting friendship & trust.
Your name was Lily,
Sweet and beautiful Lily,
Who was magic more than wands could muster.
Your spell was stronger than my will,
But I never wished it to lift anyway.
It soon became clear that we would be together
When Hogwarts school did invite us to stay,
But how wrong I was to believe
We would be so far.
Your heart fluttered at another,
A boy I did not like by name of
James Potter.
He & his friends bullied me so,
Until I called you by a hurtful name
And drove you far away.
No praying could help me repent my sin,
No loving words could heal this wound,
For calling you 'Mudblood'
Was like Hells' ticket in.
With no more friendship,
No more love,
We went our separate ways.
Darkness surrounded me,
Light surrounded you,
Until we no longer knew the difference.
But, that all changed one night,
While you were with your son.
He came to you,
He murdered you,
And left the world smile less sweeter.
Your son looks like you,
He cares like you,
But his father is in him too,
So what should I do?
I loved you Lily,
Always and forever,
Until I die and am reborn.

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