I'm Back!

It's been awhile!

Chapter 1


So, I'm back! It's been awhile, I'm not quite sure how long. I know I never said I would leave, I actually said I wouldn't leave, but stuff happens. It wasn't some big life event, just getting very busy and finding other ways to spend my time. My usage of Quibblo started to decline, and then just stopped. After a certain amount of time passed, I forgot my password, and figured it had been too long anyways. But I found my password, and now I'm back! I missed so many of you so much, and I'm sad to see many of my friends inactive or deleted. But to those of you still here, hello! I would love to talk! Whether we have already been friends or never really spoke, I would love to message you and get to know you (again, maybe). I've changed a lot since I left, but I'm still that awkward enthusiastic friend you can always talk to who loves music and books with all my being.


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