Alternate Realities

This is a story I wrote in English for the theme 'the other world is just a whisper away'
Hope you all enjoy it ;)

Chapter 1

My first day

I can't wait to start my new job, my first day a scientists assistant. I can't wait to make a difference in this world. I catch the bus to Fliman Street where I get off and walk to a huge stone building with big white letters that say 'Opal Industries'. I walk through the revolving doors and enter a huge lobby filled with people in white lab coats going about their business. "Can I help you?" I jump, startled by the receptionist. "Yes you can, I am here for an internship with Dr Davis" I say calmly. The receptionist presses a button that connects her to Dr Davis. "She will be down to see you in a couple of minutes." the receptionist says to me. I take a seat on a hard wooden chair. A woman walks towards me she has long ginger hair tied up in a high pony tail. "I'm Dr Davis" She says her voice gentle "You must be Kyle."
"Indeed I am" I say trying but failing to be cool.
"Follow me" she says as she walks away.

I follow her down a long hallway with lots of windows. Some rooms have big machines testing samples and others are full of computers being used to analyse data. "here we are." she says. there is a brown plaque on the door. '103' reads the first line. 'Dr Davis, quantum mechanics' read the next two lines. "What are you working on?" I ask curiously.
"I am working on a machine that lets you visit alternate universes." she says
"That's so cool! What are you planning on using it for?" I ask overwhelmed with curiosity
"We are hoping to find a way to solve the pollution problem." she says as if it was no big deal. I walk over to a control panel. "Does it work?"
"I'm not sure, but we could give it a go." She suggests. Dr Davis comes besides me and presses a series of buttons. Before she presses the last button she gives me a lab coat and some safety glasses. "better to be safe than sorry" she says. Dr Davis presses a green button. A blue light flashes and a white laser beam shoots out from the front of the machine. A huge hole in the wall appears, from the other side all I can hear are whispers and murmurs.

I edge towards the hole in the wall. The voices get louder. I can faintly make out the words being said "Witch, Witch, Witch, WITCH!" The chant grows louder and stronger.
"Are we going in there?" I ask suddenly really nervous.
"You are" Dr Davis says
"Aren't you coming with me?" my voice shakes
"Of course not, someone needs to stay and look after you. You will need to take this head set." She gives me a headband that had a microphone and an ear piece on it. "We will need to keep in contact. Now off you go." She nods at me as I walk towards the hole. "What is this place?" My voice shaky
"This is the first the first reality."
"How many other realities are there?" I ask unsure whether I want to know the answer to that question. "There are thirteen realities, and you are going to explore them all."


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