I challenge you!!! (June addition)

I used to do this every month but I got busy and after a couple of months of missing my "deadline" for it I kinda accidently stopped. But im back :D

This month I may not be able to see all the cool things you guys do with your profiles but I'll see if I can check them out on my phone while Im gone :)

Chapter 1

Profile challenge

by: Luxray100
So the way this works is I give you your challenge a week before the challenge officially starts. You change your profile to fit the theme of the month for one week. You can start early if you want but if you want to complete the challenge you have to have your profile that way from the day it starts (whenever you can that day as long as its not too late) till the end of the day it ends. You can end late if you want too. (its your profile)

So this months theme is drum roll

Summer! Show off what your favorite part or parts of summer are.

This goes from June 7th till June 13th so have fun and mix things up :D


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