A Not So Simple Story

This is the story of a girl named Samantha

Her family is cursed

this is a very depressing story and may trigger some feeling you may not want to experience so if you dont want to read my story I understand

Chapter 1

In The Beginning...

On September 3rd, 1996, Samantha Avery Walker was born to George and Jane Walker. They were overjoyed to have their first child.

Until she was two years old, Samantha had a normal life. Happy memories. Her first day on this Earth. Her first birthday. Her first words. Her first steps.

But when she was two, Samantha's parents took her to the dentist for the very first time. George and Jane were very nervous. Samantha was terrified. And it all went downhill from there.

Samantha was always a shy girl. She never liked being away from her parents, just like any two year old. But the people at the dentist office didn't care. They refused to let Samantha's parents back into the room with her.

So little Samantha was alone in a brand new (and terrifying) place. She cried and cried and screamed for her mommy and daddy. Instead of trying to calm her down, the dentist had his nurse/assistant hold the little girl still so he could do his job.

This helped no one. Samantha cried all the more and the dentist got more frustrated and called another nurse to help hold the little girl still.

Needless to say, he was not patient. He was not gentle with her. And he certainly didn't take the time to explain anything to little Samantha. Why would he? After all, she's just a whiney baby who won't shut up right? And nothing he did could have calmed her down right? So why even try? Might as well just hold her down and get this over with right?

These thoughts and more were all that went through the dentist's mind. No thoughts of the little girl's terror. Her screams of pain and fear. The dentist was oblivious to all of it. He simply tuned it out.

George and Jane, sitting helpless in the waiting room as they heard their baby girl's screams and crying could only wonder what was going on. Was their baby okay? Was she just scared? Or was it more than that? Was she really hurt?

George and Jane had no idea. For over an hour, they sat listening to their baby's screams, helpless and scared, unable to help their baby girl.

When at long last it was finally over, Samantha, her gums bleeding, her teeth sore, her arms and legs and face red from being held down as she struggled and squirmed, trying in vain to be free, ran to her parents, crying harder than she ever had before.

George and Jane demanded to know what had happened. Why was their baby bleeding? And why were her face and arms and legs red? And why, in God's name, was she screaming like that? George demanded.

The dentist, brushing off their anger as mislead and misinformed parents, assured them that nothing was wrong. Her bleeding was normal for the cleaning. Everyone, even adults, goes through it. And he told them that she was so red because the nurses held her, gently, to keep her still and safe but she struggled too much. He attributed her screams and tears to normal behavior for a child's first visit

George was having none of it. He saw right through the dentist's lies and deceit. He took his baby girl in his arms, took his wife by the hand and left without paying. He refused to pay to have his daughter tortured.

It should have ended there right? Samantha would get over that right?


She was petrified at the mere thought of the dentist and had panic attacks frequently and nightmares every night for years. She refused to go to a dentist for years. She would not go again until she was eighteen and even then she was highly reluctant.

This is undoubtedly terrible right? Of course.

But it is nothing compared to what Samantha would have to go through in the years to come. Her curse had only just begun

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