short stories- the dragon spirit

short stories- the dragon spirit

one of three short stories to come

Chapter 1

the dragon spirit

The dragon spirit is one of three creatures of legend and is the guardian of the mountains. The legend of the dragon spirit is one the most saddening and dangerous story known in the archives.
The dragon spirit use to be known as riser and was a young male fledgling heading to the volcano of fire for the first time and being born without wings he was to walk the whole way there but as he went to jump down to start his journey his started to fly.
It was a miracle but all miracles have a downside, when he reached the mountain it erupted covering him in molten rock that hardened and turned him into to stone.
The gods saw this and turned him into a spirit making him the guardian of the mountain of fire.
The stone version of the dragon spirit still sits on top of the mountain of fire as a monument to the dragon who flew without wings.


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