elementals:into darkness

this is a story I have been working on for a while but then lost for a good 3 years I have found it and diceide to post it warning it contains strong volience and gore

Chapter 1

the beginning

My name is Kitra claw. I’m 17 years old. Pretty tall for my age with long blonde hair and bright green eyes. I never thought that I would be framed for the murder of my best friend and mentor zanzzo. Lucky for me the law of the islands isn’t like other places where if you murder someone you hang from a tree, here in a place known as the elemental circle, where no human has walked and you control things like fire, water and wind… you suffer worse punishment, much worse…. exile. If you who is reading this do not know what exile means I will tell you.
Exile is when the murderer (in this case me) is sent to the middle island known as the island of the dark heart. If you don’t know who the dark heart is it a dark creature from the island of shadows where dark magic reigns and evil is at its most powerful. I can only tell you of the legend for that how I leant about it. The legend tells of a brave warrior that came from the island of light, is also known as the thunder island meaning he controlled the element of lightning. His mission, find and destroy the dark crystal, the source of all things evil. Only there was a problem another crystal is found there, the pure crystal it has the ability to turn even the darkest of hearts good and if destroyed all goodness in thunder storm he had taken care of it and nurse it back to the world will vanish. That is what happened now let me continue…
The warrior’s name was traes and he would be travelling into the biggest fight of his life. When he arrived at the temple where the crystals use to stand, a great shadow fell over him and as he turned a terrifying, bone shattering roar rattled through the sky that could send shivers through the spines of even the bravest of people. There stood the creature of nightmares, a dragon of the same name…. the nightmare dragon.
A creature 10ft tall and 13ft long with a wingspan of 20ft and a long whip-like tail ending in three razor sharp spines. Its claws as long as his sword but the most terrifying feature is it head. Its mouth is full of thousands of razor sharp teeth and in the front of its mouth is two sabre-toothed fangs with venom that could kill in seconds, its jaws are always partly open due to the amount of teeth in its mouth but the most unnerving of all is its eyes. Hollow with no eyeballs but they glowed red like fire and appear to drip blood. No army let alone a single man could ever, EVER defeat nor kill a dragon of such evil. It name of course was dark heart.
As they stood face to face, staring into each other’s faces waiting for one to make a move, something flicked in dark heart’s eyes, recognition. That is when it dawn to traes, this dragon, this terrifying creature used to be sanus, a young dragon that he found injured in a cave after a fierce storm and nursed it back to health after it was struck by lightning and its leg was badly burnt but exposure to the dark magic of the dark crystal had corrupted it once noble heart turning him into a blood thirsty beast. Traes was torn he now had to decide between killing the young dragon that use to be his friend and letting him live and failing his mission. He decided to let him live but still destroy the crystal but something took control of sanus causing him to attack traes, mortally injuring him then before dark heart could take full control and finish him the gentle look returned to his eyes.
But when he saw what he had done he ran straight for the crystals and raises his tail to smash the dark crystal when dark heart took control again and smash the crystal of light. A bright dome of light surround traes and dark heart, sanus took back control of his body and fell down next to his one and only friend as the both drifted into a deep eternal sleep. That is how the shadow clan was created, a tribe of once good people that were turned evil by the destruction of the crystal of light. But there was more… after the destruction of the crystal of light the clan of thunder was completely wipe only unknown to the shadow clan one survived a young child with eyes like emeralds, that child was me, I am the last of the clan of thunder, the only living truth of that terrible day and the descendant and daughter of the great warrior traes. I to have befriended a dragon, one of the 4 surviving hatchlings of dark heart or sanus and dasyure, his name is zami and together we explored the whole of island of light trying to find traces of our fathers. Until one foggy morning I saw a glint in the wall of our cave, as cleared away the rocks underneath I found my father’s sword, glowing blue in the faint light coming from outside and next to it a long, sharper sword, as I picked it up I realised that it wasn’t a sword but a claw.. A dragon’s claw. I showed them both to zami and he recognised it as his father’s claw, and there, in our cave the whole time we finally had a link to our fathers, but at that moment a slip of paper floated into the cave and it was address to me AND zami which surprised us both because we thought no one knew we were let along alive. I slowly began to read and this is what it said:
To Kitra claw and zami the dragon
You both have come to the age of 17 and both must join the fight against the shadow clan and find your densities. You must travel to the middle island whether it by boat or by air you must be there when the moon is full and then we will take you to your new home.
Master of the elements
“But that’s tonight we have less than an hour get there!” I said, heading towards the entrance of the cave “you coming” I asked But zami just shook his head and laughed “the island is across the ocean and there are no boats to get there” he said with a smile “then how do we get there” I snapped, angry because he was right “we have to fly across, jump on my back and I fly us there” he said and without waiting I jumped on his back and he ran to the nearest cliff and jumped…. Then we were airborne.
“Wait a minute do you even know the way to the middle island?” I said as we sped through the sky
“Yes I do, all dragons know where all the islands are, it’s in our blood” zami said “and we are here” he said as a huge mountain like island loomed over us.
When we landed we saw a man waiting on the beach, as we approached he introduced himself “my name is Sam and I am here to find your element and take you to the appropriate island for your training”
“What do you mean my element, I from the island of light and usually shot bolts of electricity from my hands but I don’t know what he does yet” I said as I pointed to zami “well you are the only lightning person I know that’s alive and that means that you must be able to control more than one element” Sam explained” let me show you what I can do and then you can show off your skills”
Then a jet of water shot from his hand and smashed into a nearby rock, turning it into rubble then the rubble began to swirl and put itself back together ”how did you do that” asked zami staring at the rock
“I control both earth and water so now it’s your turn zami you go first” said Sam, moving out of the way of the rock that he just put back together
“Destroy that rock” zami walked up and stood in front of the rock and drew back his neck and…. Out came a long blast of steaming hot water but it fell short of its target
” brilliant! You control fire and water” cried Sam and he turned to me and said” now you try don’t worry if you miss the rock because you are just starting your training”
As I stood there facing the rock, a strange feeling of anger coursed through me but I couldn’t figure out why, then I remembered “this is the island of the dark heart” I thought as I tried to calm myself but little did I know I had shot a bolt of white, crackling blast of air towards the rock, destroying it and uprooting several trees. Sam and Zami stared at me in shock
“What the hell was that?” said Sam, staring at the remains of the rock and trees.
“I don’t know I was angry and then…” I said looking back at the destruction I had caused, scratching my head “that happened”
“Well there’s one thing for sure you are lightning, but you are also wind” said Sam “oh and another thing, I wouldn’t want to get in a fight with you on a bad day, come lets go to your new home”
That was the most terrify day of my life, but little did I know the day that I would met the nightmare dragon’s worst enemy would soon be upon me and those I meet…
Somewhere not far from the middle island is a dark, shadowy place known as the island of shadows, and there I will continue my story…..
A shadowy figure stood alone in a small woodland, which was burning bright as the sun as it went up in flames “not again” thought the figure as the woods around him turned to ash “that damn night stalker is at it again, burning what’s left of our food source” then out of nowhere, a gigantic fireball sped towards him “whoa that was close I got to get out of here!” and he dashed to the exit of what’s left of the woods. As he got nearer to the exit an explosion boomed behind him and he turned around and saw that the clearing that he was just standing had been blown to bits, leaving a huge canyon like hole in the ground.
“Yikes! The fireballs explode on contact with the ground! This is not good… I got to tell the others” he said as he turned towards the entrance, but in the way was a huge, jet black dragon with gleaming white fangs and glowing red eyes that reflected the fire surrounding them.
“this is where I die, I should of listened to my father” he thought as the dragon stalked closer “but no I had to collect wood and apples because I want to be better than my brothers” he thought angrily, as the dragon blasted him with flames he sent out a silent sorry to his father “father I should of listened to you, I sorry..” he thought as he succumbed to the dragon’s flames. “Ah Kitra is it? Come with me” said the old man that had guided me to my new home, a lovely tree house with a lookout post and a star room where you can just lie there as watch the stars. Now I have been at the island of wind for a good week now, and I was already getting my first mission “now Kitra your mission is to rescue a young man named Davies and find the cause of the famine” he said as he prepared my equipment for the journey “but don’t think I let you do it alone, oh no that is far too dangerous you are going to travel with to other newbies kishay, calico can you two please come here and meet your third member of your team” he yelled, and in walked two young boys that couldn’t be older than 19,The older looking boy walked up to me first.
“The names calico and I’m 19 years old and controller of wind and fire, and this is my brother kishay” he said pointing to the other boy “for crying out loud kishay! Introduce yourself!” he said to the other boy looking slightly annoyed
“My name is kishay as brother had clearly stated, and I am 17 and control wind and water, and what is your name may I ask?” kishay said quietly
“I’m Kitra, I’m 17 as well and controller of wind and lightning” I said in slightly annoyed voice “didn’t you tell them before old man?”
No I didn’t because I wanted you to do it, and don’t call me old man!!!” he said “my name is victor”
“Whatever….” I said, rolling my eyes “Shall we get going then?” and we walked towards our first adventure together.

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