wolf fang adventure

in this story, the main character is called wolf fang who is a rare shifter who follow her clan leader direction to go into the strange portal before her clan leader was killed by an evil clan leader. She found some strange people who were fighting some enemies so she was fighting forever but the strange world have some alien fighters and guardians.....

Chapter 1

chapter 1: the first arrival to a strange world.

Prolog: Girl get to the portal now because I know my oldest brother who is evil going to kill me and this clan so now GO!" The young girl say" Yes leader, I will go and then she jump into the swirling portal. The clan leader just throw a backpack full of different things that he had pack for the day when the young female had to leave into the portal and called his ancestors to close the portal and protect the little girl. The clan leader was killed by his brother and the evil brother was now the clan leader. The new clan leader asked the clan members about where is the young girl but they told him " We don't know but I think that the young female disappeared into a portal and the portal close before we could get the young female out. The evil brother just told his dead brother warriors that he would summon a rouge portal to where the portal which had the young female in dropped and you have to find her. Until you find her, you will not able to see your family or anyone else. While the evil brother new warriors go into the portal, the girl portal spit her into a strange world and she saw that some strange people were running away from some evil enemies so she decided to fight the ancient enemies alone. The alien was cut down from behind so they decided to fight whoever was killing them. The young female dodge all of the attack and attack back very hard that causes all of the enemies to be kill. The people who was hiding saw that someone was fighting the enemies so they summon a owl who was very special to take a special letter to their guardian about a stranger fighting their enemies alone. The owl just fly with the letter to where the guardians were and the owl just dropped the letter to the guardian commander hand. The guardian commander just open the letter and found out that a portal had spit out an stranger. The letter also told him that the stranger was fighting their enemies alone so he summoned his warriors and use an guardian portal to go to where the stranger was fighting. when they got there, they saw that the enemies were retreating to summon their boss which was immortal. The guardian plus their leader heard the boss saying "Stranger who are you and do you want to battle me" the stranger responded "I will challenge you and if I win you will retreat and never come back. If you win you can make me a prisoner or a slave." The boss agree and he told his warriors to get his sword. The stranger didn't have a weapon but the stranger just decided to do hand on hand combat. The guardian just saw that the boss attack first but the stranger dodge and hit a pressure point that release the sword from the boss's hand. The boss just attack he but she fight back....


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