|Rewritten Part of 'Death Note Episode 27'|

"I'm afraid L, is dead.'


Chapter 1

|Rewritten Part of 'Death Note Episode 27'|

by: yoongis
"I'm afraid L, is dead.'
"What was that?" A young blond yelled at the man behind the desk. "Roger, what did you just say?"

Roger raised his head a few inches, his head still placed on his old, fingers. "I'm afraid, L is dead."

Mello took a step forward, gasping.

"He's dead? B-But how?" He yelled again, slamming his hands on the desk. Roger closed his eyes, not daring to look at the blond coming closer to him.

"Was it Kira? Did Kira kill him? Come on Roger, You got to tell me!"

"Probably..." Roger muttered out.

"But he promised me he would find Kira and execute him, and now you're telling me, that he has been killed?" Mello grabbed the man's shoulders, taking a breath.


The sound of puzzle pieces falling down cut Roger off. They both turned, only to be greeted by a albino who was sitting awkwardly, the puzzle board in the air.

"If you can't win the game," the younger one said, putting the puzzles back in their place. "If you can't solve the puzzle, then you're nothing but a loser."

Mello made a low growl before turning back to Roger. "So, which one of us did L pick, me, or Near?"

Near was busy putting puzzle pieces back in their place.

"He hasn't chose yet, and now that he is gone, I'm afraid he won't be able to." Roger replied. Sighing, Mello took a step back.

"Mello, listen, you too Near, can't the two of you work together?"

"Sure, sounds good." The albino replied. Mello, on the other hand, was about to scream, furrowing his eyebrows.

"It'll never work,we can't do this together, you know I don't get along with Near." He sighed.

"You know what? It's fine." Mello was staring Roger down. "Near should be the one to succeed L. He's not like me, he doesn't get emotional, and only uses his head, like it's a game."

Near looked up, finally solving the puzzle, watching Mello.

"And as for me," Mello looked at the door. "I'll be leaving this institution."

"M-Mello, wait!" Roger got up from his chair.

"Don't waste your breath." The blond started to walk towards the door. "I'm almost fifteen years old, it's about time for me to live my own life." Mello walked out of the room, leaving the two other males in silence.


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