A Message to the Victims of Heartbreak

So let me know what you think! I tried to do some different things with punctuation and so if it sucks, say so!

Chapter 1


When your thoughts are stripped down
When your soul breaks into fragments of glass--
it seems that all hope has faded,
and all you're left with is a heart that won't last.

When this happens, your emotions turn wild--
by instinct-- because the pain you are feeling is raw,
and this ache makes you want to fall into a pool of blood
so that you can close your eyes and never have to contemplate over any other flaw.

I can tell you now, that, yes! this feeling sucks
and I can't even begin to sugar coat the pain
because it's like every night while you lie awake
your heart repeatedly gets hit by this heavy train.

And to be honest, there isn't even enough words to describe the ache
after all, how can one describe what it's like to have your emotions combust
to have your thoughts ripped apart
and then to watch your heart fade into dust?

But, I can tell you a secret about this pain
and that's the fact that it won't be there forever
because one day something is going to happen,
and though you may not realize it until years later, you'll find out that you eventually got better.

That being said, I'm not saying that the pain is easy to overcome
I'm just saying that it won't last
because I know from experience that it doesn't
even though right now it feels like your heart is dancing on fragile glass.

. . . .


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