Red Riding Hood (A Beast Boy Love Story)

It was a snowy winter night in Jump City. Beast Boy was about to go out and get food for the Titans when he saw a girl in a red riding cloak lying on the ground, her face scarred.

Chapter 1


Snow drifted past the windows of the Tower as Beast Boy was asked to get food for the Titans via a Chinese shop. Grumbling and irritated, he reluctantly got up and walked to the elevator, still wearing the purple-and-black jumpsuit that he always wore. He looked older; his hair fell in his eyes, and he had a sexy grin on his face. But his personality never ever changed.

He was still the lazy, upbeat, idiotic and charismatic member of the group. Beast Boy ran a hand through his forest-green hair before he saw a cloaked figure lying face-down on the ground outside the entrance. He rushed over to her, and picked her up bridal-style, running to the elevator and pushing the UP button. The girl's chest was rising and falling faintly, so that was a good sign.

As soon as the elevator doors open, the Titans jumped up. "She needs help." Beast Boy said, his voice soft and concerned. Robin walked to Beast Boy, and pulled the hood off to reveal a pale face shaped like an oval, thin, stern eyebrows set over pale eyelids, a soft mouth and a normal nose. A tattoo was on the girl's left cheek, resembling a cross.

"Megs." Robin whispered. He looked at the girl's chest, and it had dry blood congealing on the outside.


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