Kuroe is a society, it was built after World War Three, with ISIS against the world. It’s been around for as long as anyone can remember. It was a Utopia and our motto, “Peace and Control.” People lived in sectors, each country divided up the same way. I love where I live I love being here. And I know you will too.

Chapter 1

Our World & Cast: Only Main character for now & School & Many other things

Our world is very complex so allow me to explain, each country around the world had been conquered by Japan and America after the World War Three. Japan and America had decided to create a whole new society a better one, a much more controlled and Peaceful one. Which is where our famous quote, "Peace and Control" was created from. Gay, bi, transgender, queer gender and anything else is actually encouraged in Kuroe, and most generations are actually bi, everyone is equal and have the same rights no matter what color you are or what gender you are. There are actually laws that if you break the Anti-Discrimination Laws you go to the discipline center for a year. Also if you miss school more than 20 time out of 278 days without a doctor's note, you will be sent to the Educational Section of The Discipline Center, where you will be forced to go to school. School is not only a right but it is against the law to not go to school, it also is all year around. You get December 15 and 31 as a break and one week off in January and One week off in June, and you get weekends off.

You also must wear school uniforms, one for the summer and one for the winter, here is the one for girl in the summer in highschool:


now for summer elementary:

and now middle school:

Here is the winter uniforms for girls elementary:

Winter uniforms for middle school girls: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Saruwatari/photoalbum/2524750

winter uniforms for high school girls: http://www.quibblo.com/user/Saruwatari/photoalbum/2524751

In each country we are divided up in sectors, there are eight sectors. In each Sector there is a hospital, Power Houses and Control Houses.
Sector One is the Central Sector, in there people mainly live until the age of four or five when they are to go to school separated by Gender with designated parent, there is a lot more things to do in Sector One than in other Sectors, such as games, holiday gatherings, colleges, book stores and much more!
In Sector Two is where all the government officials live, there is the Prime Minister who controls the military and finalizes laws. Then Underneath Him or her is the housemen who make laws and votes on them, under them is the military, then the guards, who guard the discipline center and then there are the control, who everyone in college must join for their years of college.
In Sector Three is the Boy Central there is where ONLY the BOYS in Elementary, Middle and High school live with designated parent. There are video games there, malls to buy clothes at, even the control and doctors are male.
Then there is Sector Four, The Discipline Center and The Courts, there is a huge difference in a jail in a discipline center, there is Educational Discipline which is where the kids who broke the law of not going to school more than 20 times, they wake up early and have strict rules while being at school, they also do chores and are taught how to maintain school work so when they get out in at least a month they can handle school and hopefully don't have to go back, but they can if they miss 20 days again. For the criminals though the rules and punishments in jail are a lot more loose and less cruel compared to the Discipline center, we highly believe in punishing the evil and rewarding the good. Another thing is the Death Penalty, in order to receive the Death Penalty you would have to commit murder or violation (you know what I mean) or terrorism or a mass spree of violence in the Sectors, but before you are executed you must have a four year case to clearly go through all the evidence.
Sector Five is the Pregnancy Sector or the Sterilization Center, people are only allowed to have up to two kids, but if you accidentally have twins after your first child you may keep them. But the Pregnancy Sector is where women literally work for carrying other women's children, they are highly paid and have to have a perfect medical record, this is just in case a woman can not have children. After two children women have their tubes tied, after donating eggs, and men donate a certain amount of sperm and then have a vasectomy.
In Sector Six is the Girl Central there is where ONLY the GIRLS in Elementary, Middle and High school live with designated parent. There are video games there, malls to buy clothes at, even the control and doctors are female.
In Sector Seven is the Farming and Trading Center, which is pretty self explainable. But there are more export selling than import selling since we have a huge variety of being able to grow food and care for animals, but sometimes there is imports we need.
And finally Sector Eight is where the factories are.

Everyone must also take their monthly pill called Fikkusu, which is Japanese for Fix, the Fikkusu prevents all STDs, all mental illnesses, diseases and yes even cancer, everything, the Fikkusu fixes everything! The way it works is when you get the virus the medicine sends the cure to it, that's only for disease though. For all the other it fixes everything at birth. All other drugs though are only given to people through hospitals, but only stuff for surgeries or stitches, not sickness though.
Technology though is only used if needed, such as cars are only for people like cops or firefighters or the Prime Minister for protection and travel. Airplanes are only used for to things, trading and traveling. And phones are provided to everyone but only for phone calls, important phone calls. People ride bikes everywhere since everything is together. With this in place our environment is very clean and fresh. People though still have cameras, alarm clocks and radios and music.
At a very young age we teach children to be proud of the new society and ashamed of the other society, the one before Kuroe. But it's not until high school do we show them multiple times what the World War Three was like to make them afraid of violence.
And religion is not in our society, in fact we find it a problem, we believe in the support and love of family and we teach how to love and cherish family and embrace it throughout all of school.
Also no drugs are allowed in Kuroe and there is no poor but there are less rich and more rich, but everyone has amazing jobs and even the people who work in the factories are rich, but less rich than Lawyers or the Prime Minister or Doctors stuff like that, my mother is a Doctor and My other mom is a guard at the discipline center, so I barely see her, but I still love her so much. My mother who is a doctor is named Jessica and my other mother is Fawn.

Then comes me! Millie, I am Asian and going into high school with my mother, who is not Asian, I was genetically made then put in my mother since she is a lesbian. So my parents had a lot of fun making me, they are also rich.
Here's what I look like:

Yeah the pink hair is natural, I've had it ever since I was a baby, I told you my parents had a lot of fun with me!

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