100 Day Writing Challenge

I tried this before but the prompts got difficult so I decided to try again with different prompts. Most of the prompts will be in my OCs' POV

I won't be doing the length preferences probably.
The prompts are not mine. I got them from the following website.


Chapter 1

Prompt #1: Location Location Location

Prompt Info: Where are you? Your room? A hotel lobby? the top of a burning building? In the finest detail possible, describe everything you possibly can, from the sound to the smell to the temperature. Be extremely specific.

I'm in a room of my home of terror. I stay in a small storage room since Crimson the princess always has to have best. The chocolate brown walls gave the room a spooky ambient, especially the cobwebs and multiple cracks in the walls. The carpet was the same color and I wasn't sure if it was dirt and garbage or if it was made that way. I expect the garbage part. As you walk into the room and look to your right, you see my twin bed. The comforter was a beige-red color and it looked like something that was passed down for years. My two pillows were all wrinkled up and thrown around. Next to that was my night stand. It was mostly covered with sketches but also some of my frequently worn jewelery, my cellphone, and picture of me and Grey. My wardrobe dresser was overfilling with ripped jeans, old t-shirts and that sweater I took from Grey and never wanted to give back. My favorite part of my room was the balcony across from my bed. It faced the moon at midnight so I could always look out into the forest and see the bright moon. I usually covered the balcony with my pitch black curtains to prevent sun from coming in and burning me. In the other corner of my room was my old speaker that I plug my phone in to blast music. Some more sketches and CDs surround the dusty stereo. Overall, my room was a mess and I hated it. It was dull and it always seemed like a ghost was in there, watching my everyone move.

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