I Knew You Were Trubel (for Grimm fans)

I Knew You Were Trubel (for Grimm fans)

Chapter 1

I Knew You Were TRUBEL

Hello Grimmsters! I made a fan video featuring Theresa Rubel, aka Trubel (or pronounced "Trouble" on the show). She is one of my favorite characters, not just on the show, but ever! Some people hate her because of her manners or cause she can be rude or "obnoxious" sometimes, but she can really kick ass (against several opponents, no matter how strong they seem) and save lives, and that's what I love about her.

The song I used in the video is We Came As Romans' rock cover of "I Knew You Were Trouble", originally performed by Taylor Swift, from Punk Goes Pop vol. 6.

Here it is! Just copy-paste the following link to your URL bar. :)


Message me or comment if you wanna talk Grimm and share your thoughts on the Season 4 finale!


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