QOrg Team Drawing Contest (Winners announced read last chapter!)

Welcome to the first ever QOrg Team Drawing Contest hosted by me Aggie2 (just call me Austin) as the judge and the host I will only be allowed to post an example and my example shall not be in the running for the competition, contest will run from 5/18/15 to 5/31/15

Chapter 1

Drawing Contest #1

Ok so the first drawing contest is quite frankly simple, this is just a freestyle drawing contest to kick off the contest, once again I shall not be able to compete and other QOrg teams may compete but I will use the power of voting to judge who is the winner, if you would like to join in the QOrg Team drawing contest then just simply post a picture of your drawing with the tag qorg-d-1

1. No pornography
2. No complaining if u are not the winner
3. Do NOT criticize anybody's works of art

The rules are not hard to follow and depending on which rule u break will depend on if u are disqualified from the contest, also if u continue to break the rules even after being disqualified u will be uneligible to compete in the next competiton thank you

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