new oc: koji Deathscream

Chapter 1


name:Koji Deathscream
age: 18
spieces: reptilian, human (shes part dinosaur)
bio: was created to control the newly revived dinosaurs but instead she changed into a giant dragon like trex 50m in height and 3m long ram horns she went rampaging though the town near a large woodland until she was attack by several raptors under the control of the men who revived them and stufered scars over one eye render her half blind and she fled into the woods alone. she wonder as a human for a while and was jumpy at every sound and attacked and consumed any human foolish enough to enter the area in which she roamed.
appearance (human): tall girl with shoulder length black hair and black ram horns, with reptiltian eyes and sharp teeth
appearance (dino): blackish blue with green eyes and black horns and claws, bright red scar over one eye and ragged batlike wings on her back( too small to fly with)
running speed:50km/h
attack strength:20 human 70 dino/dragon
danger rank: 9/10


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