QOrgTeam Advice Column (update)

Chapter 1


by: _othuna
This idea is originally on Alexis117's account: http://www.quibblo.com/quiz/k0X1Brb/QOrgTeam-Advice-Column

It's being moved here so it's more apart of the QOrgTeam.
I'm just gonna copy what was written in Alexis' story

Now to what this story is all about. I'll be starting an advice column (like the ones you see in the magazines.) I help you with everything you need. (Hopefully). I'll post what you asked of me and I'll give you the answer here.

Go to this website: http://qoorgteam.herobo.com/advice-column
Enter the information needed and you answer will added to the story.

PLEASE tell me if you want to be anonymous or not! I don't want to accidentally embarrass any of you. I would prefer if you give me a nickname for yourself if you still wanna be anonymous.

That's all! Please don't be afraid ask, we'll help you with whatever you need :)

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