QOrgTeam Mad Libs!

A fun little way to get everyone involved! Stay tuned :)

Chapter 4

How to impress girls, a flawless YouTube tutorial.

Hey boys/lesbian girls! Are you smelly beyond belief? Well, my name is Lindsay Lohan and you may or may not know me from my new show "1,234 Silly Lamp Posts". I’m here to teach you how to get girls!

Rule #1: Pay for the mango!

Girls HATE paying for things, especially fruits. If you want to impress her, show off your cotton candy and run your money around!

Rule #2: Nice guys finish last!

Girls always want a floopy boyfriend, so that’s why you’ll have to be a jerk!

Rule #3: Don’t be an apple!

Apples tend to yell girls away, so that’s why you should always be a stupid bean instead. Not only will this impress your girl, but she’ll always want to eat!

Rule #4: Choke with other girls!

Your girl will find you SUPER hot if you hang with other chicks. It’ll make you look like a moving sandwich!

Happy smooching, and don’t forget to explode that like button!

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