QOrgTeam Mad Libs!

A fun little way to get everyone involved! Stay tuned :)

Chapter 2

My Big Escape (MadLib Story # 1)

Hi. My name is Bagaloobadubi and I've been trapped in a gas station for 18.07 days. Since food is scarce, I have resorted to eating gasoline and geese. It doesn't taste great, but it's all I have left. The air in here is bacon-covered and it's getting hard to die . It smells like a Dalmatian and I don't think I can take it any longer!

That's why I'm going to plan my escape.

First, I have to pack. I'll have to bring my tissue and some Libertarians for chasing. This will help me stay pretty. The outside will probably be stuffy, so I'll also bring my potion. Lastly, I'll need to bring George Clooney for hunting. The animals out there could be too sassy for me to handle.

My journey will be poopy. Wish me luck!

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