QOrgTeam Mad Libs!

A fun little way to get everyone involved! Stay tuned :)

Chapter 1

How it works, why, how, etc....


Hey, everyone! This is gonna be a fun non-competitive little activity that, if enjoyed, can be repeated.

Everyone knows what Mad Libs are, right? Well, if you didn't know, Mad Libs are very very short stories with certain words missing. These blank spaces are to be filled by you! The fun part is, you won't know what the story actually is, so the word you submit makes the story sound hilarious! Here's an example (stories are not actually this short):

My cat's name is (silly name) and he likes to (verb).

The submissions could turn it into:

My cat's name is Piece of Crap McBallsFace and he likes to fart.

See? I laughed at that, at least.

The first template is already created, so now I'm going to ask you for your words! I will need...

- A silly word

-A non geographical location (meaning no countries, cities, etc.)

-A number that is higher than 1

-A noun

-A plural noun

-An adjective

-A verb (not ending in ING)

-Another noun

-Another noun

-Another plural noun

-verb (ending in ING)

-Another adjective

-Another adjective

-Another noun

-Another noun

-Another adjective

-Another noun

-Another adjective

-Another adjective

I know this seems really long, but it'll be worth it! To submit your word, type #(wordtype) followed by your actual word. So an entry could look something like this:

#noun cats

When we have enough entries, we'll gather 'em up and fill in the blanks.

Remember! You don't need to submit everything on this list at once! You can just submit one noun, for example, and we'll take it.

Here's another cool tidbit!

If you have a story you'd like us to use as the next template, please contact us! If this thing goes well, we'll be able to use everyone's stories! You will be given full credit. Further rules on that will be explained, so keep your fingers crossed and let's create a hilarious QOrgTeam Mad Libs Story!

This is Quibblo Revolution!

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