So. I have some things to say.

Chapter 1


I don't know if you guys will read this, or even care. I don't even know if any of you have known me very long, long enough to understand.

I've changed my name from Nikki to Vic. This happened at Christmas.

My hair is short now. I've got a half shave. This is pointless.

I don't live in Oklahoma anymore. I now live in Dallas.

I'm really into Supernatural. I ship Destiel.

These are all pointless things that you probably didn't care to know. Now to the important bit.

I haven't been doing very well. My mind still hates me. I'm still trying. And I used to have a lot of friends here. I miss them. They've all changed. I don't talk to some of them. Some I talk to, but they're different and I'm different so it's not the same. I'm really nostalgic. I wish I could rewind. I wish Quibblo wasn't a ghost town. I wish my favorite people were still here, but most are gone.

I am likely going to leave soon. I might stick around to say goodbye to some people but I don't see myself staying for much longer. It actually really hurts. A lot of my memories are from here.

So I'm probably leaving. And not because it's empty. "But because people change. And friends leave. And life doesn't stop for anybody."


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