xXSuperGoodStoryXx X-treme #yoloswag 360 no scope

Chapter 1

It all started when...

I woke up in the morning and I was all like "Yo mom where's my cinnamon toast crunch?" and she was all like "lol we ran out" and I said "Oh no, mah cereal" and then I cried but I went to the store and I got some more and there was this one dude who hanged out by the bathroom and he creeped me out so I called the police and they were like "He's cool" so it was fine and everyone was happy and stuff. So I got home and my mom said "I'm an cereal killor" and she turned into a monster so I grabbed my spork and says to her "Yo you not me mum!" because I felt like being British and she was all like "I'm gonna eat you or whatever" so I fought her with my spork and it was cool and stuff and put then she took my spork and chucked it at my dad and he was dying and I was like "Yo dawg, you gotta live" and he was like "I can't i'm bleeding and stuff" so then I used the power of yolo swag to make him not be dying and stuff and he was like "Thanks or whatever" but the monster was allergic to yolo so I used the power of #yolo swag 360 no scope to beat her and she turned back into my mom and she was dead and yolo swag couldn't save so I cried but she had a bowl in her hand so I took that and ate cereal instead but then it was time for school so i got on the bus but there was a flat tire and the bus couldn't move so the bus driver was like "Hey kids push this bus or else!" so we got out and push the bus but I recognized him, he was my arch nemesis: that one parent who tries too hard to be hip with the kids. He had on short shorts and a 1D picture on his rear view mirror and I saw that Zayn was on t hat picture and I was like "Dude, Zayn isn't a member of 1D anymore" and then we both cried because our lives were over all over again. And then he was about to tell a dad joke but I knocked him out cold before he could attack me with really bad jokes. All the kids cheered because the world was saved again but then they were like "Yo, how are we suppose to get school now?" and they all ran towards me, I ran out of that bus as fast as I could. There was an angry mob behind me of kids who really want to go to school for some reason. "We're missing out on sex ed. dawg!" one of the kids said. And then I realized they were right and that it was finally time to understand how birds and bees make mom eat a baby or something, I mean I guess she eats it how else does it get in her stomach? But then one of the kids caught up with me and grabbed my swag cape. "yo dawg, get your hands off my cape" I said and then he was like "I'm going to kill you!" so I grabbed a stick and wacked him with it and he was like "ouch that hurts" but then it just so happened we ran right to school and everyone was happy.


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