Journey to the moon (story)

New story :D enjoy :)

Chapter 1

November 3rd, 1997

This is the story of a simple man living a simple life alone in a big house. His name was Drake and he always dreamed to make a journey to the moon. One day he decided to play the lottery to have enough money for a trip. Unfortunately he was the unluckiest man and lost the ticket on its way home. Feeling disappointed he started to scream in his empty house and started to cry in a corner.
Even though he lost his ticket, he went to play again after he calmed down. As he reached the lottery he realized it was Sunday. He ran back home and cried again.
"I only have 10 dollars left... 10 DOLLARS LEFT!!! I HAVE TO WIN THIS TIME!!!"
He spent all his money on ciggars and beer before and now he has a small amount of money left.
He played again and got home with the ticket... suddenly realizing he has no tv or internet to find out the winning numbers. He cried again and drank a can of beer.
"That's it!!! I'm gonna build a ladder to the moon! Hah! Take that karma!!!"
After 3 days of working Drake decided to take a break. When he looked at the ladder, he realised it wasn't a ladder but a desk. Drake never went to school to learn that and he cried again and again...
"Ugh... that's it! I'll summon the... Tooth Fairy.. no.. um... no.. I'm done! I'm so done! I'm gonna steal a rocket.. err.. borrow one and go to the moon and then I'll come back! Yes!!! That's it!!"
Drake ran quickly to his car and tried to start it. Luck wasn't by his side this time either..
After 15 minutes of struggling the car finally started and Drake drove off to the space launching site.
"Damn.. there is so much security here.."
Drake drives back a few meters and breaks through the fences and gates with the car getting very damaged.
"Now I'll run straight to the rocket!! They won't catch me alive hahah!!"
He climbed as fast as he could in a rocket and without any knowledge about controlling a rocket he managed to take off. Guards were shooting after him but the rocket has already started and Drake was now flying to the moon.
" Wooooo!!! :D I wonder how much do I have until I... woah woah why am I floating?!! Where's the seatbelt here? Oh there... I can feel the moon!! I'm closer than I ever was!"
A few days after Drake stole.. borrowed the rocket he ran out of fuel and was trapped there.
Years passed and Drake died.
Somehow the rocket still landed on the moon while floating in the space for a long time. Drake is now happy :)
The end.


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