Project Athena

Authors will be writing in this order:
TheSpecter (me)

Please have your chapter written within two weeks of being assigned. If you need more time for any reason, please just let me know as soon as you can so I can plan what to do next

Chapter 1

Cole- Welcome to Hell

I open my eyes and immediately wish I hadn't. The lights reflecting off the too-clean white walls is blinding after the bliss of darkness. As much as I want to curl up and go back to sleep, I have to know what's going on. I don't remember anything but my name.

Cole. It's the one memory that I can pin down in the fog of my mind.

Flashes and bits of memories are tantalizingly close in my mind, but I can't quite pin them down. My mind is foggy and I am only dimly aware that I am not the room that I almost remember.

Because I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep in a metal dog crate in some kind of hellish cross between a mental hospital and a dentists office. I slow my breathing before I panic. I need to figure this out or else I'll never get out of here.

I take in my surroundings at a glance. Sciencey medical equipment and a metal examination table dominate the far side of the room. Immediately to my right are two more crates, each containing a sleeping body. Both girls. I can't help but notice I'm the only boy.

Then I see the crate to my left. Inside is a boy who looks to be a little younger than me. At first I think he's sleeping like the girls, but then I see that there's one slight difference in their sleep: his chest isn't rising and falling like theirs are. He's dead.

"Doctor Shen? One of the subjects is awake!" I hear a female voice call out.

"Excellent. Now we can finally begin Phase One."

The front of the crate opens and I tumble out, trying to fight back, but only ending up getting pinned to the floor by powerful arms. I feel a needle go into the back of my neck and then I go limp. I can't move. I can't talk. I can barely breathe.

The same powerful arms lift me off the floor like a toy and drop me on the metal table, securing thick leather straps around my wrists, ankles and forehead. I find that a little redundant seeing as they just stuck me so full of chemicals that I can't move.

"Begin!" I hear a husky voice bellow.

A trio of nurses and a doctor, all in lab coats, wheel in the most evil-looking machines that you could imagine: blades, saws, jaws, needles, tubes full of God-knows-what, clamps and a hundred other nightmarish things.

All at once, the worst pain you can imagine erupts through my body from my toes up to my head and everything in between. I hear blades slicing into me, feel a dozen sharp instruments operating on me. Needles plunge into my arms, legs, chest and neck, slowly emptying multiple vials of colored liquids into my body.

I black out, but instantly I'm shocked back to this impossible reality.

"Now, now, subject five," I hear a voice say in a deceivingly sweet tone. "Can't have you sleeping through the procedure, now can we?"

After what feels like an eternity, the doctors take a step back, retracting the machines.

I can feel a thousand incisions all across my body freely flowing blood, yet not one doctor does a thing to ease the pain or stop the bleeding. The only sound is the constant drip of my blood pooling on the floor and flowing into a drain.

"Look," one of the doctors says. "It's starting!"

I feel my muscles spasm uncontrollably, fighting the restraints and tearing the wounds even further. Fortunately, it doesn't last long, but if I thought the pain was bad before, that was nothing compared to now.

"See how the subjects muscles change? Even now you can see them growing stronger. It has begun. We'll have to reinforce the subjects cell right away.

Finally, I slip into unconsciousness and fall into the blissful embrace of sleep.

Just before I fall into the blackness, I hear a distant voice say, "Prepare for the next subject!"

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