Personal Help (Not a real story; I actually do want some help.)

I know you probably see these kinds of things a lot on here, so I apologize. Please do not hesitate to help if you have some good advice.

Chapter 1

Relationship Advice?

I'm going to give you a little background first.

The guy that I'm going to talk about is someone that I knew in 8th grade. I've liked him for the longest time (in fact I think I may have liked him even while I was in a relationship. Complicated, I know.) He goes to a different school, so we don't see each other in person almost ever.

Okay, so here's my dilemma.

I started messaging him in March, about two months ago, because I regretted the way I had treated him last time I saw him last time I saw him. That was during freshman year, and I acted weird then and kinda walked out on him talking to me or something. I was going through a really rough time and thought he liked another girl. I know it doesn't excuse anything, but yeah.

Anyways, I messaged him and he started messaging me back, to my surprise. At the time, it was spring break and he was in Arizona with his family. The next day, he messaged me first. It sort of became a thing for us to talk every night, even when we had stuff that we were doing.

When we got back in school, we were messaging less because we were both really busy, but we would still talk at least once or twice a week. Eventually I asked him to prom (as a friend, mind you) and he said "of course". I told him it was because I didn't want to be a third wheel with my friend and her boyfriend and that I thought it would be nice if he could see his friends. While both of these things are true, I mostly asked him because I like him and wanted to get to know him a bit better.

My parents, once they found out I asked a guy to prom, immediately wanted to meet him. I talked to him about it. He seemed excited to hang out, but he kept telling me that he was nervous, and when he first saw my dad, he got so nervous he decided to park away from my house, even though it meant he would have to walk a ways. We mostly talked a lot when we hung out (for almost two hours straight) and he asked me a lot of questions like why did I start messaging him, what happened with my boyfriend, and a lot of personal stuff. I am a total softie when it comes to crushes, so I told him the truth about pretty much everything except for telling him that I liked him.

On the day of prom, we went through the usual tradition of picture taking, which seemed like it was awkward for both of us. We went to a restaurant with my best friend and her boyfriend, and it was sorta fun. During the actual dance he saw a lot of his friends and stuff, but he did seem like he was sticking by me despite all the distractions. He wanted to slow dance with me whenever a slow song came on, despite the fact that I told him I was terrible at dancing and an awkward weirdo in the least. I was really nervous and was having allergy problems at the time, so I felt like I was being weird.

What really confuses me is that he seemed to be concerned only with whether I was enjoying myself or not, but he is really hard to read. His parents say things like "he doesn't tell me anything" and the like, which isn't surprising to me, I guess. He kept asking me a lot of questions and he was also making some odd faces (not funny, just out of the ordinary.)

The prom was really fun, but by the end, I was pretty tired due to allergies and the fact that we were running around dancing and stuff the whole time. He had told me before that he wanted to do something after prom, and we had discussed it with parents, but for some reason he decided not to do it. He didn't vocalize it, and I didn't mention it.

On the way back he decided to show me some of his music. I've told him that I'm into a lot of different music and we're both band nerds, so it's not surprising in a way. He made sure I didn't forget anything when I got home, and we left with a slightly awkward (at least from my point of view) hug.

I am conflicted on two things here:
1. Does this guy even like me?
2. What should I do from here?

If you have some advice I would be glad to hear it!


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