Boundary of Death

Victor seemed to never have family: his parents abandoned him at an orphanage, no one associated themselves with him, his wife and child are dead.
Life seems against his good intentions, when a mysterious man enters the laboratory looking for him. He makes an offer Victor seems to be unable to refuse: Friendship and a home for the creation of Life.
It all seems to good to be true and that's what it all is: False. What does the mysterious man really want? Can Victor escape before it's too late?

Chapter 3


by: Cozy_Glow
Victor woke with a quiet yawn, opening his eyes lazily to see the seat opposite, but halved by black. Curious, Victor reached a hand out and touched the fabric, quickly realising it to be the Counts' trousers. His eyes widened in embarrassment and he sat bolt upright, head bowed. Vlad laughed joyously at Victors' lightning quick reflex and embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry!" Victor blurted. "I didn't mean to sleep on you!"
"No need for apologises, Victor, it was nothing~"
"Oh, look, Dr. Frankenstein~!"

Vlad pointed out the surprisingly open window to the overcast world outside. Victor looked out and saw a mountain. The mountains' shadow was cast over the most beautiful castle Victor had ever seen. The spires reached high into the air, hidden behind the mountain, but nearly past. The walls were cream or black, the shadows obscuring their true colours, and the rooves a blue tile. Victor felt himself fall in love at the sheer beauty of the place, which made Vladimir smile most shyly.
The carriage approached the large wooden front doors, stopping by two men who helped their Count out and Dr. Frankenstein. Victor bounded up to the wooden doors, excitedly wishing to get inside faster. The doorman could not help but laugh as he opened the door for them to enter, watching Victor shoot inside to stand in the hall.
The room was larger than any Victor had stood in before, with a crystal chandelier high on the ceiling casting a delicate glow on everything in the hall. Curved stairs lead to the first floor over a large archway to many other wondrous places within the castle. By the stairs end on the ground floor, two more archways lead to rooms along the ground floor, stretching too far off for Victor to see.

"Do you like it?" Count Dracula was curious. The doorman helped remove his cloak as he watched Victors' back. "I hope it is not--"
"Beautiful!" Victor cried, overjoyed. "I love it!" He spun and clutched Vlads' hands, beaming and near joyful tears. "Please, show me more!"
"A-all in good time, Doctor! Vlad was surprised, almost speechless at the sheer joy on Victors' face. "But first, your room must be inspected~"
"Lead on, dear sir!"

The doorman took Victors' coat quickly, as a young lady appeared and took her husband into her arms. She gave Dracula a kiss most passionate, Victor had to turn his head to give them company.

"I have missed you, my love" she whispered. "Please, do not leave me so!"
"I had, dear Myra" he smiled at her. "I needed to find Dr. Frankenstein~"
"Him?" Myra looked sharply at Victor, making him flinch in fear. Her eyes were sun yellow like a cats', and just as soul piercing. "Is he as they said?"
"Better, my dear Myra~" she seemed satisfied. "Now, we must show him to his room~"

Myra let her husband go and walked to the stairs. Vlad followed by her side, Victor at their heels. The castle was beautiful, full of enchanting tapestries, ancient vases, antique furniture and exotic carpets to name a few. Victor was so overwhelmed by the wonder of the place, he didn't notice the millions of eyes watching him from everywhere. These eyes belonged to the other house guests, family or servant, they all were Vampiric by blood.
They watched in curiousity, concern, hatred, love and hunger as a living man passed by, unaware of their presence and the danger his life was in. In a second, Victor would have been grabbed by them, even less for one or more to get fangs into his blood and drink at it with lust, but no one dared move. Though Victor could not see them, Count Vladimir Dracula was watching them all. His blood red eyes dug into their souls like a tight chain biting flesh.

"I hope no one bothers you while you work, Doctor" Vlad smiled, looking forward.

It was a warning to the house that this human, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, was not to be harmed or the consequences of the action would outweigh their worst nightmares. So, they watched as they passed, wondering and worrying and hungering...

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