Boundary of Death

Victor seemed to never have family: his parents abandoned him at an orphanage, no one associated themselves with him, his wife and child are dead.
Life seems against his good intentions, when a mysterious man enters the laboratory looking for him. He makes an offer Victor seems to be unable to refuse: Friendship and a home for the creation of Life.
It all seems to good to be true and that's what it all is: False. What does the mysterious man really want? Can Victor escape before it's too late?

Chapter 2

Doctor and Vampire

by: Cozy_Glow
"What type of work?"
The tall man waved a dismissive hand. "All in good time, now tell me, you are no ordinary doctor, are you, Frankenstein?"
Victor looked the man up & down, suspicious. "Why do you want to know?"
"For this job I offer you, I must know. Am I right, Doctor Frankenstein~?"
Victor looked away, uncomfortable. "Yes, I am not an ordinary doctor who treats patients... living patients, anyway."

Victor looked up in confusion at the tall man, wondering if he should fetch Dr. Caine. The tall man, dressed in scarlet and black, turned swiftly to leave, waiting only for Victor to follow at the heel.

"Come, I will take you to your new home and work~!"
"But I--"
"I have spoken with your supervisor and he assures me you have nothing to fear~"
"Dr. Caine?"
The Vampire was silent a moment, before smiling. "Yes... he did."

Victor gave a weak smile, taking a step to stand close by the tall man. A sudden wave of safety swept over him like a wave and a cool aura filled the air around him. He gave a smile, a proper one, one he'd saved for a special occasion and this was special enough to him.

"I did not catch your name, sir... what is it?"
The man laughed, heartily. "Count Vladimir Dracula, Dr. Frankenstein, but you may call me Vlad. May I call you Victor? Your name is so long to pronounce..."
"Of course! Victor is what everyone calls me."

They duo walked down the hallway, silent smiles on their faces, little noticing the bloodied arm in the dark doorway as they passed. Vlad casually strolled into the cool night air, Victor timidly following with cautious glances at everything. For some reason, he felt watched and it made his skin crawl. Victor noticed the dewdrops on the grass and concluded he was simply cold and paranoid.

"Are you alright, good doctor?"
"Yes, fine!"

Victor hurried to Vlads' side and looked at the marvellous carriage drawn by beautiful black horses. Slowly, Victor walked to stand in front of them, touching their noses in friendship. The horses gave a happy snort and nuzzled his hands. That's when, Victor noticed the coachman.
The man was hooded in black and red lines, his face a stone mask with a bored frown, and his gloves were purest white. The man was cold and left Victor with a touch of terror in his heart. Vlad smiled at Victor.

"Come along, good Desmond won't harm you~"
Desmond gave a side smile. "This is 'im, Master?"
"He is more than I had been told!"
Victor tilted his head, curious. "You knew about me for how long, sir?"
"Many years, but we shall talk more in the carriage!"

Desmond climbed down from his seat and opened the door. Vlad quickly jumped on a red velvet seat and patted the space beside him. Victor slowly entered and sat down, quite taken by the beautiful carriage.
The carriage gave a gentle rock as Desmond climbed into his seat. He snapped the reins and the soft clop of hooves began to sound as the carriage rocked like a cradle.
To Victors' surprise, he felt extremely tired and his vision was beginning to blur. He forced his eyes to stay open, smiling at Vlad. The Vampire was not to be fooled, and laughed at the attempt Victor gave.

"You may sleep, Dr. Frankenstein, it is three days ride~"
"Three days?" Victor gaped.
"I don't live very close to anyone, the closest town is an hours walk."
"Why so far away?"
Vlad was silent a minute. "Privacy."

Victor gave a slow nod, but the answer didn't quite satisfy his curious nature. Victor looked quick around the carriage and at Vlad, taking note with his eyes and mind. Curtains drawn closed, long capes and clothes, red eyes, pale skin, night time visit... He looked at Dracula, serious.

"Whata re you? Truly."
Count Vladimir Dracula smiled most shyly. "A Vampire, dear doctor, and a Lord at that~"
Victor was stunned, but intrigued. "I did think as much."
"You are rather clever~"

It was now Victors' turn to be shy. As the carriage rocked and travelled along with silent Desmond driving, Vlad and Victor spoke of many things: how Vampires feed, what Victor planned in his head, their life stories, their loves and loses, but it soon came to an end with Victor finally fell asleep on the seat opposite Vlad.
Victor slept all night, that day and the next night from the lack of sleep he had endure since the deaths of his family. Vlad Dracula was quite alright to be alone in silence, reading some books and pondering on thoughts.
The silence wa sinterrupted by Victors' yawning on the second day. He woke quite calmly, which was most unnatural to others. He smiled at Vlad, sat up and stretched.

"Good Morning, sir"
"Good morning, goodnight, good morning again~" the Count smiled up from his book.
"What do you mean?" Victor was confused.
"You slept a whole day!"
Victor blushed with embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry!"
"No need~"

Vlad beamed and explained what Victor had missed, though it was not much. Victor was sad to hear he'd missed it, even if it were nothing, but intrigued all the same. The spoke a little more, but the topic of where they were going came often to air.

"You really wish to know?" Vlad asked.
"Yes." Victor said.
"My castle is our destination~"
"You will love it, I know."

Vlad explained that the castle was stupendously large, housing many of Vlads' family, friends and servants. There were libraries and studies, an observatory and kitchen, and best of all, a laboratory. Victors' smile grew wider and his heart swelled with excitement. A laboratory for him to work in? And a place to call home with many others? It was beyond his most wildest dreams.
Victor asked many many questions, growing more excited by the second. Vlad could only indulge his curiosity and smile at him. Victor was so excited by nightfall, he was exhausted. He sat quietly on his chair, head gently lulling forward as he fell further and further into sleep. Vlad smiled and gently took his head and placed it onto his shoulder. The other hardly stirred. Desmond called down to the Count, who could see the mountain in which the castle was laid.
Vlad relaxed back into his chair and had to catch Victors' head before he fell hard into his lap. Vlad placed Victors' head gently on his lap, only stirring him enough to try and get comfortable against his leg. Vlad laughed softly at that, placing a hand on the younger mans' head.

"Soon, everything will be perfect~ I just know it!"

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