Boundary of Death

Victor seemed to never have family: his parents abandoned him at an orphanage, no one associated themselves with him, his wife and child are dead.
Life seems against his good intentions, when a mysterious man enters the laboratory looking for him. He makes an offer Victor seems to be unable to refuse: Friendship and a home for the creation of Life.
It all seems to good to be true and that's what it all is: False. What does the mysterious man really want? Can Victor escape before it's too late?

Chapter 13


by: Cozy_Glow
Doctor Victor Frankenstein.
It would be a lie to have said he was not mad by even the littlest of means, but his madness was one of two things: his love or his idea. This fuelled his desire to see the plan he had made fulfilled and succeed.
His demands were odd: a few dead bodies, some wires, excess blood... but were met with little hesitation. He worked with bloodied hands, sewing parts, replacing bits, finding and examing things within. He worked non-stop and hard.
He rested little and ate just as little. If she could, Kallie fed him as he worked, but she dared not disturb him for too long as the Count was always overseeing his little Doctor with eyes that shone with curiousity, burning with desire coming true, and if anyone dared enter the workspace, his bloody gaze was annoyance upon verge of anger.
Kallie feared her lover would become too weak or exhausted to work, but Victor seemed to find boundless energies within himself to power on and on. Even so, she stayed by her lover, or close there too, to ensure he did not fall to any ill conceivable.


Days passed into months, and finally, Victor was nearing the end of his work. No one had seen it and he would not let anyone see it still, not until it was complete. Dracula had grown delightedly impatient, often speaking about what it could be. This caught Kalllies' attention and disturbed her.

"Victor?" she decided it was time to tell one night. "I am concerned for you."
"Why is that, my dear?" he replied, not looking up.
"My Lord believes this creation to be a weapon."
Victor smiled. "I will not tell~"

Kallie gave a gentle sigh, knowing his mind was set in stone. Her heart, though still, ached with a dread that was all too familiar, but she could nothing but wait. Victor was clever, but he would not willingly create any atrocities that could destroy... could he?
Kalishka eyed her lover carefully. His movements perfect and quick with practice, focus intent and unwavering, his mind... sharp. This is when Kallie felt a pang of realisation that Victor could do create anything, evil or not, by his own mind or by tricks. He was naïve, clever and skilled, and that was a deadly combination in the hands of Dracula.

"My love" she quickly took Victors' hand, jolting him to stop. "I want to leave."
"L-leave?" his eyes were wide. "Why? What has happened?"
Kallie was familiar with lies, but this one made her tongue hurt. "I want to elope..."
Victor blushed. "Elope? B-but I--"
"If you so will it, we can return" she pressed, lying still. "I will not stop you."

The voice was icy and pierced Kallies' courage. The duo looked to the workroom door to see Dracula standing there, eyeing them carefully, ice in the red. Victor stood from his work, smiling at him and the look softened.

"I am only concerned for his health" Kalishka recovered, looking serious. "He has been cooped up here for too long."
"Nonsense" Dracula waved a hand, dismissively. "The Doctor is fine, aren't you, Victor?"
He nodded. "I have almost finished. Would you acre to see?"

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