Boundary of Death

Victor seemed to never have family: his parents abandoned him at an orphanage, no one associated themselves with him, his wife and child are dead.
Life seems against his good intentions, when a mysterious man enters the laboratory looking for him. He makes an offer Victor seems to be unable to refuse: Friendship and a home for the creation of Life.
It all seems to good to be true and that's what it all is: False. What does the mysterious man really want? Can Victor escape before it's too late?

Chapter 1


by: Cozy_Glow
The rain was heavy. The sky grey and black. The weather was the usual, the mood not so much. Victor stood between the graves of his wife, Victoria, and daughter, Alice, looking at the ground. His head was turning to figure out if he could have saved them. Maybe he should have stayed home? Maybe taken them out somewhere? Anyway he thought, it was too late. Time travel was beyond his reach, like many things.
Slowly, he turned and left the place of misery and pain, wandering home in the rain with little light in his eyes. When he reached his small house and entered, the silence and space reminded him of better times. Alices' first smile, her first word. Vitorias' attempt at French food, the smell of burning and deliciousness. It was all gone now, leaving only emptiness and memories, something familiar to Victor.
He sat down on the edge of his chair, looking down at his feet, hands clasped. His mind ticked over ideas, memories and plans, mixing them together like a blender does with cake. After hours of just sitting and thinking, Victor finally looked up and gave a weak, sad smile, as if he could see his wife and child in Heaven above. He got to his feet and raised a hand to the ceiling, smile calm on his face, as he grasped the invisible hand. He gave the air a delicate kiss and gently let go, following what he could see.
His last goodbye to the ones he loved.
The only ones he loved.


"Oh, Victor, I had no idea you were still here!"
Victor looked up from cleaning the floor to see Dr. Caine. "Of course. I have to make sure everything is spotless!"
"Go home, Victor, I don't mind."

Dr. Caine gave a smile and quickly walked on. He didn't look back to see if Victor would move or not, it was not his place t pressure the poor soul further. The hospital knew of Victors' loses and the toll it was taking, no matter how much Victor smiled or laughed. Dr. Cain had tried hard to keep him from trouble, but one cannot perform miracles willy-nilly on others, Victor included.
Dr Caines' thoughts and hurried walking was interrupted by the sudden, and ever scary, appearance of a tall man dressed in a cloak of dark red and black. The man smiled at Dr. Caine in such a way, the man blushed.

"Good evening, good doctor" the tall man said, smiling still. "I am simply looking for someone in your department. Can you help me?"
"Y-yes, I surely can" Dr. Caine stammered, controlling his blush to fade. "Who is it you are wishing to see?"
"One Doctor Victor Frankenstein" the man replied.
"Oh, Dr. Frankenstein is just down this hallway, to the left" Dr. Caine gave a confused expression. "But, what do you need of him? He is not a doctor of people, he is a doctor of--"
"The dead, I know this" the mans' smile grew into a grin. "It is very important I talk to him now, but first...~"

The man grabbed a firm hold of Dr. Caines' arms, making him drop his papers, startled. Before Dr. Caine could utter a word, the man before him flashed pearly white fangs into his eye site, before burying them into his flesh. The 'good doctor', Markus Caine, gave a strangled gurgle for a cry, before succumbing to the cold embrace of the Vampire holding him. One thought passed in Markus' mind:
Victor best run from the Monster...
Victor didn't know what dark creature was now walking in the hallway towards him, until he was standing face-to-face with the Vampire. Surprisingly, the Vampire was clean of any blood, simply smiling in glee, but their was a spot of blood on his shoe that caught Victors' eye.

"Are you hurt, good sir?" he asked, gesturing to the blood.
"Ah, not at all" the Vampire waved his hand. "Are you Dr. Victor Frankenstein?"
"Yes, I am."
"Then I have a proposal for you, if you will hear it?" Victor nodded. "Good. I want for you to come work for me."

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