~You can take my name, but you'll never have my heart~

~You can take my name, but you'll never have my heart~

This is a short story for the Quibblo Writing Contest #41. The contest says we must make a story only 500 words so it's very short. The song that inspired me was:

SKYFALL by Adele

Chapter 1

You can take my name, but you'll never have my heart (Skyfall)!

by: Natasitsa
The Brown Family members were sitting in front of television, in a calm afternoon. The sunlight was sliding through the main window of the living room, painting the floors with a cozy pink shade. The news on television described the tragic situation that would happen in a few hours: a zombie Apocalypse. The world would be hypothetically destroyed and all earth-citizens would be killed without mercy by the hungry monsters.

Ms Brown brought some cookies to the family and settled back to the leather sofa comfortably. Mr Brown took their little daughter, Melina in his arms and started making jokes regarding the apocalypse.

"They are such big liars. Maybe they are talking about the Arockalypse, where rock n' roll monsters will conquer the Earth."

Everyone laughed with this optimistic joke, except for Rose, the fifteen-year-old girl of the family. Her mother looked at her suspiciously and burst into laughter:

"Tell me you believe in this! Haha!"

Rose looked at her pathetically.

"Stop it, Mom." she said with an assertive voice but you could see her fingers shaking.

Rose Brown suddenly heard a large crack on their roof and warned her parents, while trembling with fear. Ms Brown looked at her, their eyes meeting, but she didn't speak. She certainly would get very afraid if there was actually a zombie up there but she thought that it could have just been a cat on the roof. Mr Brown got up and gripped his gun. They rushed to the roof, through the spiral staircase and saw a strange creature, with human posture and stone eyes.
"That's...a zombie, like the ones on TV!" shouted little Melina with a smile.
"Oh, my God." whispered Ms Brown, "that's true!"

Rose would have looked at her mom sarcastically and would have said: "So, do you still believe I am wrong?". But the situation didn't allow such jokes. There was actually a zombie on the top of their house. And very soon, many other would appear, because a zombie is never alone.

The zombie slowly turned towards them and attacked them, with his disgusting hands crooked slightly. Mr Brown held his gun and pointed it at the zombie. He shot but it had absolutely no effect! The zombie made a scary sound from his mouth and ran towards them. Little Melina started screaming and Ms Brown told everyone to run too. However, the zombie managed to grab Rose. Just before he grabbed her, the girl managed to whisper:
"You can take my name, but you'll never have my heart!"

That phrase, however it came to her, suddenly offered her an encouragement, which she was very thankful for. For that reason, she gathered all her strength and courage and kicked the zombie on its knee. It screamed loudly and Rose heaved a sigh. Without wasting any time and, with the aid of her family, she ran away.

The Apocalypse had just started. But Rose would never give in.


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