A dream I wish I had never encountered

From the outside Sharia looks like a normal, easy-come easy-go girl who doesn't have any problems however this is not the case. Sharia deals with a lot of problems, some of them average teen problems but she also deals with problems which are far from normal teenage problems. Surprising characters arise in the midst of this story. This is a must-read tale about overcoming ANY problem that the world throws at you. Enjoy! :)

Chapter 1

It wasn't me!

"Sharia? Sharia? Sharia!" I heard the whisper of my name in the distance but I was reluctant to answer. "Sharia!" that's when I felt something dig sorely into my side. My eyes flashed open quickly and I realised that my best friend Farice was poking me roughly. "Owwwwwwwww!!! What are you doing that for?!?"

"She's doing THAT because your teacher is TRYING to ask you a question.... However I'll ask someone else if you are too busy sleeping!" my teacher, Miss Tromper scowled, her green eyes glinting with anger. I had forgotten that I was in class and had drifted to sleep. Reality was creeping back to me.

"Miss I'm REALLY sorry. I promise that I'll stay awake."
"You better do! This is English not sleepy time." She turned her attention to the rest of the class and asked "now can anyone else tell me what onomatopoeia is?" I never got a chance to answer because just then a piece of paper distracted me. I slowly reached down to the ground, curiously picked it up and saw that it was a note. I was about to open it when "SHARIA! What are you reading?" Miss Tromper walked over to me and snatched the note out of my hand. Her eyes flickered fast across the note and a concerned look appeared on her face. "Sh... Sharia I'll talk to you after class."

"Miss! I know what onomatopoeia is!" screamed Melissa, I HATED her with a passion. She was incredibly beautiful but the fake sort of beautiful. What with her fake long nails, long perfect blonde extensions and a size-six model body she only had to speak and all the boys fawned over her. The boys didn't notice her personality which resembled a rat, not many people did. "Oh do you Melissa?" Miss smiled, she was a teacher's pet as well. The boys gazed at Melissa, waiting for her to answer. "It's when there is a name of a person, place, animal or thing." She was desperately wrong. "Miss it's actually when there's a word that almost makes you hear the noise. The word bang is an example, another example would be the buzzing bee."

That was the first time that I had attention from the boys in the class. "She's smart!" one boy murmured, the reply was "oh yeah definitely smarter than Melissa anyway!" I smiled proudly, I had never been anything more than Melissa before. "Yes Sharia, that is correct. All of you SHOULD know what onomatopoeia is at this stage, you're in Secondary school for God's sake. Anyway, you'll learn. I'm going to write up the homework on the board, take it down, there's a lot of it." There was a moan of disapproval from everyone.

Ding a ling a ling! "End of class! Sharia stay back." Everyone scattered out of class. "I'll catch you in Geography later." Farice bid me goodbye.

"Sharia?" Miss Tromper asked when everyone had left.
"Why are you sending notes in school?"
"I wasn't SENDING notes." I snapped.
"Yes-you-were." Okay her voice sounded a thousand times worse than mine.
"Miss I was not, not, NOT sending notes! Get your facts straight before accusing someone of something that they didn't do. I RECIEVED that note, without sending one. You're a teacher you SHOULD be smart enough to realise the truth!!" I had really, really sapped this time, much to her discouragement.

"DETENTION!!!!!" She had the power and I could not win.
"Miss I'm sorry... Please don't give me a detention... I was only telling you the truth.... If you give me a detention I'll be halfway towards getting a suspension and-and I can't get suspended. Please...."
"Detention for being cheeky! I will organise the detention and you will leave." I lingered for a moment with a pleading look on my face, hoping that she would change her mind but I left quickly when she shouted "LEAVE-NOW!!!!"

The rest of the day dragged on slowly and it was fair to say that I was VERY fed up walking home. I lived in a small, two bedroom house in the middle of a very rough council estate. It was also fair to say that my family was not rich.... At all...

I grabbed my keys out of my pocket and opened the door, a very strong, rotting smell welcomed me. I had no idea what this smell was but it was sickening. I slammed the door and followed the smell into our tiny sitting room where I saw a horrific sight...


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