where you told me to wait

From "Of A Friday Night" by Anais Mitchell.

"Maybe I came too early, maybe I came too late
I'm waiting in the shadows of the scaffolds of the old cafe where you told me to wait."

Remember, when you give a writer concrit, a pegasus gets his wings. ;)

Chapter 1

where you told me to wait

You once told me to meet you at the cafe if I ever got lost. So I did. And I sat beneath the blinking neon lights until the brick walls fell around me. Until the sign fell off the door. Until the frost broke the glass and the building split in two on its foundations, right down the middle in a lightning-bolt crack. Until the rain and the snow wore through the floors and grass began to grow in the recesses of the walls. Until they bought the lot and prepared to tear it down and put up makeshift towers of wood and steel around the once-regal face.

The wind blows and buffets the tarps. The floorboards creak as the scaffolding rocks on its flimsy foundations. No one notices. The town lives at night. I live in the shadows. I'm here in the places no one looks, I wait in the part of your life you don't see. I am the outside. You belong behind walls, you belong in the brightness of warmth, of love. You should always be safe.

It's so dark, it's so cold. But I can't have the sunlight. The light belongs to you. You deserve it all. Hurry inside, love. The sun sets. The cold is rushing in. I'll be here, waiting for you to find me, but today is not that day.

And darkness falls around me as I wait and I can't imagine that you're alone. I can imagine your skirt brushing against another man's legs. I can picture your lips parting against his jaw or neck as he touches you the way I used to. I imagine you in the hands of another, your stomach pressed against his hips because you can't stand in heels.

I can imagine you awake at night, and when I do I picture us staring at the same moon from different sides of window glass. I imagine you look older now, but I dream that the light illuminates your face and erases the years.

I can imagine you here, your hands shaking in the cold. I wish I could grab them through the veil and kiss them and maybe you will feel it and maybe then you might remember me and linger here for just a little longer, because memories fade and soon I will not remember your face.

But you don't belong here. I think of the women I see and I pray you're not one of them. I want you happy, I want you untainted by reality. I want to see you again, I want you with me, I want you far, far away.

Please be somewhere else. He is waiting. Everything is waiting. The present, the future, the now is waiting for you to leave the yesterday behind.

Life never waits. Life goes on but me - I wait. I wait for you, I wait for life. I wait for the things we planned together. I wait for the frost to break the glass between us. I wait for due time.

They put up scaffolding over our cafe, love.

I'm waiting beneath the scaffolds, in the shadows where you'll least expect me. Please don't come looking. I'll be waiting when you need me, when you find your way to me.

Until then, hurry home, love. Life is waiting for you.


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