Harry Potter Group Story Sign Ups!!!!!!! :)

You can be relatives with other characters if the BOTH of you agree on it. Also, I'm going to end the sign ups in three or four days so please sign up!

Chapter 1

Plot and Character Sign Ups

The story takes place in the few years after Voldemort's death the generation of Harry Potter and co. had their children. Along side the new generation of students Hogwarts has seen are the next mischief makers and the next great wizards and witches. A new force in the leagues of You Know Who are slowly bringing him back to power and without the famous Harry Potter and his friends who will stop him? Can these new age wizards and witches stop them before Lord Voldemort is back? Sign up and find out!

Character Form:
Looks(picture link optional):
Quidditch Player position(optional):

My character-
Name: Cleo Black
Age: 15
Gender: f
Year: 4th year
House: Gryffindor
Pets: a black and white cat named Nero
Family: her dad was Sirius black, mom was Candice Abberson
Brothers or sisters: yet to be decided
Background: right before Sirius was killed by Bellatrix he met a witch named Candice at the Leaky Cauldron he instantly fell in love with her and you know what happened and after he found out she was pregnant he said he first had to go visit his God son Harry but then would return to marry Candice. In a battle Sirius was killed and never came back to Candice. Devastated, Candice soon gave birth to Cleo and committed suicide shortly after due to grief. Cleo was taken in by a wizarding couple and was also to attend Hogwarts.
Personality: kind, nice, shy sometimes, funny, sarcastic with her friends, protective, brave, loyal, hard worker, stubborn, happy
Looks(picture link optional): long curled black hair, pale blue eyes, pink lips with a white scar that runs along her bottom lip, small curved nose, large hips, sort of tan, short, limps a little from an accident when she fell off a broom and broke her leg and it didn't quite heal right, soft skin, skinny
Wand: Maple with dragon core, 12 1/2 inches, squishy
Quidditch Player position(optional): beater
Accent/Country: English/Britain
Additional Powers: can shape shift into a dog
Other: people (mostly slytherin) sometimes bully her for her past with her father being infamous prisoner of Azkaban, she is a very strong witch and hopes to have a bright future

Alright please sign up! I can't wait to write this story! :)

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