5 Things That Confuse Me

I've been bored lately and started taking notice about a few things, some annoy me and aren't confusing, some are pretty common happenings that still mess with my mind.

Chapter 1

5 Things That Confuse Me, THINGS PEOPLE, THINGS

5. When I get friend requests from people I've never heard of, let alone seen, I'm kinda like, "How did you get this number?".
4. When I log into my school e-mail only to find some grade 12 student has sent me his assignment and is expecting it to be assessed and graded by Monday.
3. When I change my G-mail password ONCE, and all of a sudden I cannot remember it, seriously I haven't been able to get into my g-mail for a week...
2. When I'm walking around my house or just random places, for example, a toilet, and I hear someone say my name, I look around and no one is here, or people say, "No I didn't say your name/No I didn't hear anyone say your name"
1. When I play The Walking Dead and continuously decide to side with Kenny after I've thought about siding with that other chick (I don't care about her so much that I forgot her name, and I'm playing the damn game right now).


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