You're Always Welcome (Original Story)

The story of a girl in the woods and a princess brought to freedom.


(Clothing and hair based off (this game))

Chapter 1


Loupalier is a stretched, long but small Alaskan village set in a snowy, barren valley partially surrounded by dark pine forest and the Bering Sea. Loupalier is seemingly peaceful, with a system that keeps most conflicts in order; There is a king, a queen, and the princes and princesses, and then just the people who aren't royalty. Men and women are equal in the system of Loupalier, but certain customs still stand. Loupaliens cut their hair in flat sort of layers, or just in any unique way using layers, and a certain custom is that a normal sort of woman laces her hair with bits of shell, while a normal sort of man laces his hair with bits of stone, a princess or queen with silver and a prince or king with gold.

Loupaliens wear thick clothing on account of the freezing weather, and royals tend to wear more and adorn themselves with more gold and silver and shiny materials. Princesses wear circlets or small hats, queens tiaras or tall hats, princes crowns or tall hats and kings tall hats.

They tend to have either very dark hair or very light hair, and skin that never tans as the sky is usually a white or pale grey. Their eyes are pale blue or dark, dark brown or crystal green.

Loupalier has a delicate balance of rules, and if you break one, you're dead. Literally, you are either hanged, choked with a garrote or sunk to the bottom of the freezing sea depending on the crime. These rules don't just go for the commoners, but also for the royalty.

Now, the interesting thing is Loupalier's forests. Despite the somewhat well-functioning village, some still take their chances in the dark, dangerous forests to live alone and away from the fierce death penalty and strict rules of Loupalier. Of course, if you're caught, death is inevitable.

Though some, have gotten away with it. This is that story, the story of a girl in the woods and a princess brought to freedom.


Name: Neva
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: Chin-length straight bleach-blonde hair with skinny braids in her bangs, with ice-blue eyes. Small face with delicate cheekbones, a nose and small pointed chin. Small, upturned nose. Slightly petite, with small pale pink lips and long limbs but large feet and small hands.
Clothing: Being the princess, Neva wears a silver circlet with a blue stone and adorns her hair with bits of silver. She wears a thick pale blue long-sleeved shirt with a dark blue lining and strap down the middle. She wears pale blue leggings and a short, stiff blue, white and dark blue skirt with stitched blue, grey and white shoes.
Personality: Neva starts out as rather good, and rule-following and always tries to stay out of trouble though it always finds her. She is a good worker and tries to pull her weight, though at some times she'll just run off and not be found for a while. She is curious about the wolves in the forest and wonders what goes on within the trees.
Role: Princess of Loupalier

Name: Yakone
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Longer, untidy dark, dark brown hair and nearly black eyes lined in kohl. Her hair is lightly square-cut, but hardly since it's just left over from her days in Loupalier. She is a bit tall, with a sturdy build and a strong jawline. Her lips are full and orange-pink, and a larger, rectangular nose. Her legs are strong and she is pretty stealthy and nimble for her size.
Clothing: She wears a black long-sleeved shirt lined in silver fabric around her arms, waist and breasts underneath a long, fluffy-lined black cloak with silver buttons and pins. She wears short black and red and white leggings, and tall black and silver boots.
Personality: Yakone is seen as very fierce and very determined when it comes to fighting and hunting for her pack (she lives in and is the alpha of the wolf pack of the forest) but when it comes to people more innocent then her she has a soft spot, when they don't know what they're doing and they need help (like an innocent cub) and she will fiercely fight for her pack, and she is forever loyal.
Role: Princess of the Wolves


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