Acts of kindness.

Acts of kindness.

I've done a few but what about you? Do you carry out your daily act of kindness?

Chapter 1

Acts of kindness.

Kindness comes in many shapes and forms.
It can be simply used to help others or fully used to do wonderful things around the world. I personally always look around me to see what I can do to help other people and the animals in this world. This sounds silly but the other day I was walking down the road and a beetle was drowning in a puddle.
I, of course saved it and put it back on dry land. Yes, it was only a beetle but if I was drowning I would want someone to save me.
It made me feel great and I'm pretty sure acts of kindness make you more happy and kind. It also helps people to restore their faith in humanity.

I think everyone should do random acts of kindness and I'd love to set up a project where people can post kind things they've done.

Here are some ideas:

1. Pay the tab for the person behind you.
2. Help the elderly across the road.
3. Plant a garden.
4. Forgive someone.
5. Become an organ donor.
6. Share your umbrella.
7. Bake someone a cake.
8. Compliment someone.
9. Be kind to nature.
10. Smile at strangers.

For more ideas visit

I will be posting more things on here so please add this to your favourites if you like the idea.

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