I'll never be that girl again.

This story is for wc41.
The topic of story is a verse from song: Miss Movin On by Fifth Harmony. I also liked another verse from it that suited my story so I wrote it in ''chapter title'' .
My story is different from the story in the song.
Writing stories is one of the things I love! And I also love it when people read them, rate and comment them. So I would love you all if you read, rate and comment this story, Please do rate!
My story is a bit long, I hope it will be ignored.

Chapter 1

My innocence is running thin but my heart is going strong

There I sat, under the blue sky, with my feet dipped in clear refreshing pond water, and I felt rather satisfied with my condition.
I gave an evil smile, and took a deep relaxing breath. I was more bold now, more confident, more criminal...

'' Two down, one to go... '' I said and got a torrent of past memories...

'' Nora, please, I beg you, just leave me. I didn't do anything wrong, please don't hurt me! '', I kept begging Nora and her group, in the school's girl restroom. I was there on the floor and Nora bent over me, with a belt in her hand.

'' Nah aan my dear Sarah. Why should I leave you, when I'm having so much fun? You can't compete me! I am the dominant over here! Girls, get her! ''
And all of them starting hitting me on my skin with belts. The pain was unbearable, such bad wounds appeared that stream of blood flowed out.

My feelings couldn't be explained in words but Nora seemed as a devil to me, and my hatred rose.

''Scene shifted'' ...

I had my facebook profile on, when I saw this post related to...me! Brian had uploaded videos, photos, and statuses humiliating me. Brian had been my true love, not the crush or simple-liking, the true ''love'' . And the worst thing was that,I had admitted this to him. My friend Leigh had asked me to be confident and go straight and just be open, something good might come out. Brian had been too polite at that time, but he didn't give a definite answer.

And just at that night, all this had happened. Photos of ugly fat and disgusting girls, with my head pinned to theirs, had been uploaded, videos humiliating me and statuses said : That stupid Sarah-dog, thinks I might want to be her bf. Ha! Era has reached to such that these type of low-caste poor girls now start to have crush on ''me''! I feel my importance falling down! Ouch! Sarah, please first go and have double shifts at cafe to give money to your family! lol '' ... and so on. The tears were uncontrollable.The hatred rose...

''The scene shifted again''...

~In the principal's office~

'' But sir, kindly listen to what I have to say, I didn't do it! You can't just.. '', Principal cut me off.

'' You be quiet Miss Sarah Farrell. Your teacher here, Mrs.Bancroft says you sell drugs in the school, and I can't let my school's reputation get ruined. So you yourself tell me, what can be the suitable punishment for you, hmm? ''

'' But please listen to me. I have no link to this matter. I never sold any drug to anyone, let alone the students of this school. Please, believe me. ''

'' I guess you won't be accepting your mistake. So I have only one solution, You are expelled! ''

Expelled, expelled, expelled....

Mrs. Bancroft gave a devilish glance to me, showed her sharp teeth, it felt as if her face was changing in to a red two-horned monster.

Hatred rose...

It had been too much for me, the hatred kept piling up inside my heart. By the passage of time, I had changed completely. There was once a time when I was an innocent angel at everyone's feet who couldn't hurt a single fly. And then there was a time, when I wasn't innocent anymore, but my heart became strong, and the time for revenge came...

I remember when I was dressed in black outfit, and I rushed out to Nora's house, hidden. I saw them leaving out for some work, and house was empty. It was my time then, I climbed in through window, sprayed kerosine oil all over the rooms and threw burning match-sticks all around...

Then next night, I went to Mrs.Bancroft's house, her husband was away for work. She was sleeping alone. I went inside her house and covered her eyes with piece of cloth. Then I tied her up with rope, and broke everything I found valuable in her room. After that, I started hurting her arms with the blade I had, cut her hair too, and her wails were echoing. They still do echo in my ear. The blood spilled all over her bed. After leaving through window again, I sprayed Carbon monoxide gas through the gas-gun. I had heard it from somewhere that it was an easy way to kill someone...

..And I came to present. The re-assuring smile again cracked on my face. Life was so peaceful. Then he came, Brian.

'' Hey you poor little Sarah, don't see you around. Are you too busy working in cafe that you forget your old friends, or your ''true love'' ? Hahaha! The same old stupid beggar Sarah. I feel sorry for people like you. You guys have no reason to live, really, no money in hand, what's the purpose of life then? Aren't I... WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? ''

His eyes were so wide open that they could pop out any time. His veins froze, color drained from his skin, when he saw the gun! I had stood up, pointed my gun towards his face, and gave a smile.

'' I am not old Sarah. I've changed. Past is in the past. I'll never be that girl again ''

And I shot the gun....Shoot!

Three down, none left. Mission Accomplished!

''Really, I'll never be that girl again''



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