For the PATH


Chapter 1

"We Can't Be Selfish" ~Weslee Lynn Rose

I was walking home with a loaf of bread from my brother's bakery, whistling lightly as I let the warm sun hit my face. However, the sun was deceiving, for even though the weather was nice today, the streets were still chaotic, dirty, and crime-ridden.

As I continued walking, I turned the corner when I reached the end of the street and sighed seeing corruption unfold for the third time today. I froze when I took a step forward though and watched to my disappointment a 'police officer' pulled out a high beam automatic laser while pushing a helpless old homeless man against the crumbling stone wall.

"I said it one more time or the threat I gave you will become your reality. Where did you get your scarf." His voice boomed.

The old man shook, his fear controlling his body moments while he stuttered, "I- I told y-you... I f-found it in... in the garbage."

The middle 30 year old man scowled, his wrinkles shaping in a 'v', "Why don't I believe you then?"

The homeless man shrugged and looked down, as if ashamed. I could feel my blood literally boiling as I watched how he was just taking an emotional beating from a person who was supposed to protect society, not corrupt it even more.

"Look at me when I'm speaking!" The officer roared and brought his hand up in pursuit to hit the old man.

Without a hesitant thought, I hustled over there and grabbed the burly man's wrist, "What are you doing?"

He turned around, his hazel eyes looking at me as if I was nothing but dead. "Foolish girl.. go home now."

I crossed my arms and stepped in front of the old man, acting like a barrier between the two.

"Move!" The officer grunted.

I shook my head and kept my arms folded in front of my chest, not speaking. Someone had to stand up for the old man, and I was willing to risk my safety to show that.

"Girl. I said move!" He barked, repeating himself.

Again, I stood still, even when his voice and laser started to rise and point at me. He snarled, "I'm warning you"

"Go ahead.." I stated, the half smile playing on my lips, "Shoot me. Shoot a 17 year old girl."

"I won't hesitate." He warned, his eyes cold and I could see that he was capable of murder.

I shrugged and challenged him, hoping the homeless man could escape, "Then shoot me."

He growled in response while I heard the weeps from the old man behind me. The officer looked at me and then back at the old man shaking his head, "This is not over."

He marched off, anger seeming to radiate off the officer with each step he took. I stepped forward and turned around to face the old man with a smile on my face, "Please.. take this."

I held out the bread and looked at the homeless man. He blinked and looked at me a grin breaking across his face but it quickly dropped as his eyes flickered to my stomach then back at the bread,

"But what about your family? These times are troubling."

"Take the bread. We can get another loaf." I assured him, my tone quiet and gentle.

He nodded hesitantly and took the bread out of my arms with a smile, "That's very kind of you."

I smiled, "It's no problem. Take care alright?"

He nodded and I touched his shoulder before continuing to walk towards my family's house once more. It felt good. It always feels good when I go beyond my way, myself to help others.

"Miss Rose?"

I blinked and stopped, snapping out of my thoughts at the sound of my name. I turned around and noticed a tall, thin but not fragile man standing in front of me.

"Yes sir? Is there something you need help with?" I inquired with a smile.

"Oh no no." he stated with a smile growing, "I just saw what you did for that homeless man back there, and I honestly am impressed."

I felt my cheeks flush while I shrugged my shoulders, "It was no biggie really."

"You would've risked yourself for a man you didn't know. Why?" He questioned, his pale green eyes sparkling with wonder.

"My father." I replied, before seeing his curiosity light up in those eyes hidden behind his glasses before I continued, "You see, my father had a strong morale and he always thought that people should stand up for others and risk themselves because that's the right thing to do. So I guess, he rubbed off on me and I agree with him. If we want our broken society to not fall completely, we can't be selfish. We have to help our neighbors out to fix the corruption."

The man smiled and held out his hand, "I'm Matey Polluck and I've built this school for people just like you. I'd like you to bring your family to the open house that we are hosting this Friday and see what me and others have planned for the future. We would really benefit from you joining us."

I smiled, honored and shook his hand, "I'd love to come and my family would also."

He pulled his hand back before smiled, "Great." Matey then pulled out a half sheet of paper and gave it to me, "That's all the information you need to know. See you Friday Miss Rose."

I nodded and watched him walk around the corner before twirling around and sprinting home. I never had felt so proud of myself. I felt proud because I knew my father would've been proud of me as well at this moment.

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