The Drifter

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
My life has finnaly caught up to me I suppose. Sitting here I think of what lead me down this road. I think back to my school years. All the others making fun of me for one reason or another. "You have no family." "You have no friends." "Your parents don't love you." All those things and more would echo in my head as they were told to me evey day by my peers. The sad part is they were somewhat right.

My grandparents who spent so much time trying to raise me right. Trying to lead me down the best path only to see me follow in my mothers foot steps. I've traveled to many different places trying to escape my past and forget about everything. How I spent my life in a dark void trying to keep myself whole while praying to be free of the torment.

My mother used to say that she would never let me down, but that's all she ever seemed to do. She would tell me that she would stay for a while only to be gone the next day. Off to another town, andother city, another state. My mother has only ever brought me heart ache. I hate her. I once asked her if she truly loved me but I couldn't find it in myself to believe her answer.

I curse the day she started her path. But I know that no matter what I could never bring myself to stop loving her. I sit alone in this empty room trying to block the memories and wait for the day I'll be free to leave and go to the next town again like the drifter I have always been.


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