Paper Dolls

Heyo! I wrote this. I decided, hey, no capitalization this time, too, so that's that.

let me know what you think! I feel like this is a different style than everything else I write ever, so feedback would be like the best ever. ^-^


Chapter 1

Paper Dolls

we were all just paper dolls.
paper dolls with paper arms and paper legs.
we were paper thin and paper-made
we burned like paper, scorched and crumbling,
tumbling to dust, to ashes.
take my newspaper heart, my
new spaper heart, my noose paper heart,
no. take my newspaper heart,

it craves to be read by you.
it craves to be read, to be ruffled page to page,
leaf through me, read me, take me in,
she thought, read me, don't leave me, don't
wrap up your possessions in me.
don't let me be a paper doll, she thought,
i will be the same for you.

absorb my ink, let it smudge and come off on your skin
we were not meant to be this way, we
were not meant to link together, this
never-ending chain. boy after boy or girl after girl,
every chain is the same, but i don't want to be this way, so

take my newspaper heart, treat it well,
make the ink blur together, let me leave
my trace on you skin, because
we were all just paper dolls
breathe me in, newspaper scent,
crinkle my edges, don't tear them, and
i will do the same for you.

we will make our own chain, one that is
stapled together, you and me, we're
glued together, we're using double sided tape
this is how we're meant to be, not
fused together, not made from
the same piece of paper,
we are meant to be origami.
folded and crafted, bright colors, creased edges and all, so
breathe me in, newspaper scent, and
join with me, pierce my newspaper hand
and we will never walk alone because
we are not just paper dolls, and we
do not burn like paper, we will
never walk alone because
we are origami, we are folded and creased,
created to be this way, every crease and every line so
join with me, let's glue our paper hands
let's join our paper sides, and
together we will never burn alone.
we were never just paper dolls,
we were always so much more.


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