This Is War (Poem)

Just letting off some steam... So yeah, this poem is a little dark.

Chapter 1

Fight Me, I'll Fight You, Harder.

by: flyhi
Get the knifes,
Get the guns,
Get the bats,
Get the gloves,
This means war.
Screams scatter,
Hide in the shadows,
Fear is just a running.
Oh yeah, the moon is just right.
To get in my killer mood on.
You'll never see me coming.
This is war.
I ain't stopping till I drop... DEAD!!
Here those sirens?
Yeah, they're coming for you and me.
You shouldn't have crossed me.
You can't just lock me up
And think you can get away with it.
Oh no darling
I've lost my mine
And gone insane
I'm going to get my revenge
Sooner then later.
Run, run, run here I come.
I'm done being the hunted.
For your sick, little games.
Now it's my turn to have some fun.
Like it or not here I come.


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