My Immortal Love Say Something...Please

So...this is for the contest...but I don't know if they will accept's inspired by the songs My Immortal by Evanescence
and Say Something by A Great Big World

Chapter 1


“It's a suicide mission, Xander!” I scream, attracting the attention of some of our allies.

He gives me an annoyed look, grabs my arm, and pulls me down an empty hallways.

His dark green eyes glare at my bright blue eyes that are starting to fill with tears, “Amy, are you trying to get us to loose all of our troops?”

“You'll loose them either way!” I yell, my voice breaking.

“I would rather us die fighting, than die as slaves. Do you want to die as a slave?” Xander replies, his voice hard.

I look down and whisper, “No.”

“Then stop letting your childish fears get the best of you.” He growls.

“Childish? It's childish to fear for my love's life? It's childish to fear that all those young men and women will die? And for what? After we die, it's the next youngest batch to go to battle, then the next, until eventually they're too small to fight. Then they get to grow up as slaves. So, if those fears are childish....then I guess I'm a child.” I state, my voice rising slightly with each word.

I stare into Xander's face. He's got tanned skin, he's about 6'2” which is 4 inches taller than me, his muscles are visible even though he's got a jacket on. His hands touch my face gently, his eyes already softening.

“I'm sorry, I'm afraid for your life too, for all of our lives, but if we don't stand up then everyone will surely be slaves. If we do stand up, though, then there is a chance we will matter how small.” Xander explains softly.

He then kisses me on the lips, lingering for a bit and then he leaves me alone in the hallway, the would in my heart growing bigger by the minute. Xander tells the troops to go get some rest for the big battle tomorrow.

Turning to me he says, “You go on, I'll meet you in our room, I've got some things to discuss first.”

I nod my head walk to our room. It's a very simple and small room. It had a medium sized mattress in the corner with a large gray blanket. It's one of those really itchy ones, but we deal with it, just like we deal with living underground. It took a while to dig and stabilize all of the tunnels and rooms, but we managed it. I go lay on the mattress and use my arm as a pillow, covering up with the itchy blanket.

Bombs. Bombs are crashing everywhere! Most of us have already died, there were only 15 people left, two of which were Xander and I.

”Amy!” Xander yells.

He a little farther than everyone else, scouting for the enemies. I stop walking and look up at him just in time to see a bomb fall and explode him to bits. The rest of us are at enough distance to only get knocked back by the explosion.

”Xander!” I scream.

Even though it's a stupid idea, I run to where he was just standing. Tears stream down my face as I search for him. He couldn't have died! I fall to my knees in the pile of dust, rubble, and possibly exploded body parts. Then I just sob.

I gasp, my breathing fast and heavy, I open my eyes and scan the room, trying to calm down. I'm still in my room. Looking to my right I see Xander, sleeping deeply. I give a small smile and fall back asleep.

The next morning

“Amy...Amy.” I hear someone say as I get shaken slightly.

I open my eyes and see Xander looking at me gravely.

“Is it time?” I ask.

He nods his head and I get up. For breakfast we have something similar to astronaut food, only I have a feeling this tastes a lot worse. I take notice that Xander is quiet all through breakfast, but I don't blame him, what good would come from talking? In a flash we've all come up to the wasteland that was once Utah and have starting fighting. It actually looks like we might win!

That's when the bombs start. I feel so very small as the planes go over my head, dropping bombs everywhere. I can see Xander, he's over in front of me about 8 feet, helping some of our troops get out. Then comes another bomb that knocks me off of my feet. I look up, looking for Xander, only to see him on the ground...with a pipe sticking out of his stomach. I crawl over to him, afraid for his life.

“Xander?” I whisper.

No answer

“Xander?” I ask, a little louder.

Still nothing.

“Xander!” I scream.

Nothing. Not even a moan. I crawl closer until I'm right in front of him.

“Xander...say something...don't let me give up on you. Come on say something! I love you, I can't say goodbye!” I yell as loud as I can.

A few minutes later I whisper, “Say something....please”


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