In the ocean we'll hold hands.

Okay, I got this was inspired by the Killer's song, Bones.

Chapter 1

In the ocean we'll hold hands.

I held a wooden horse in my hands, its main thread-bare an paint worn thin by little boy figures, clumsy with excitement. It was yours, but I guess you know that. The sun was setting, it was saturating into the water like an ocean of blood. That used to scare me, I used to think it was your blood, I used to think that you were still down there, screaming, bleeding.
Now I'm older, it doesn't scare me anymore. I know that you are gone, your blood has long since washed away. I stare out at the water and try to imagine how this soothing, calm being could have teeth. Teeth that swallowed you and claws that dragged you down. I close my eyes and I can see what you saw. Dark looming clouds, your brown hair, sticky with sweat and salt, being whipped manically back and forth in the howling winds that send buckets of ice cold water to pour down onto your back. Your hands- shaking with fear- as they fumble with ropes and complicated knots. Your crew members yelling to each other, trying to be heard over the crashing waves that sent your boat rocking wildly too and fro. The water beneath you, swollen and black.
My eyes jerk open. The pier is dark. All the lights have been switched off and the last ray of sunshine has melted away. I look down to the horse, its face looks back up at me, and I know I’m ready. Its time to let you go brother, I throw the horse, it sails through the dark sky until landing with a plop in the water. The starlings call to each other, nothing has changed, but everything has. I feel a weight gone, it’s been so many years since that day, but only now do I feel that you are at peace. I’m not going to come back here again, I think as I turn away. But I will never forget you, soon I will join you, and then, in the ocean we’ll hold hands.


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