This was a dare by my friend, so she came up with the big idea behind this story
But please still let me know your honest opinions to this s

Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Meanwhile in the area just outside the room Gill was in, Dr. Rhodes and a young man with dark rectangular eyes and matching hair were talking. The young man's back was turned slightly so Dr. Rhodes could see only half of his face.

"I don't know if she's the right one." The young man stated, his dark eyes glancing at the doctor before looking into the window where he could see Gill, but she couldn't see them.

Dr. Rhodes glared at the young man, "She is. Have some faith in our program and me, Tanner."

Tanner grunted before turning to face the doctor, "Have faith? Have faith? After what you and this program have done to me?"

"Tanner." The doctor began with his words in a low voice, "We made you stronger. We formed you into-"

"A monster. You formed me into a monster." Tanner interrupted, clenching his fists as he gestured to his half burnt face. "You told me lies Rhodes and this is how I ended up looking like. I don't have a life because of this organization and your tests. I can't go out into public without getting stares of pity or disgust."

The doctor furrowed his eyebrows and pursed his lips, "We did what was necessary to make you live."

"Maybe I didn't want to live! Maybe it was my time to die!" Tanner yelled, frustrated at the lack of emotions Rhodes was showing.

Rhodes pushed up his glasses, his expression cold and hollow, "Tanner, what does your testing have to deal with Miss Lloyd and L.I.T.E/its program?"

Tanner looked back through the tinted window and at Gill, who was now curled up against the wall with her head hiding in her knees. He could sense her pain, her anger, and her fear bubbling inside her. It was electrifying and it was just radiating off her and towards him.

"My testing has everything to do with what you're going to do to a fifteen year old girl. I know I'm only four years older than her, but I was her age when you found me and experimented on me turning me into this. I don't wish to watch my fate happen to her. You don't help people. You destroy them." Tanner spat angrily at the doctor, crossing his arms.

"We make our clients strong." Rhodes replied dryly.

Tanner laughed in disbelief, "Clients? Strength? We're rats under your control Rhodes and there is no strength behind DNA testing that alters us into monsters."

"You're not a monster. You're a creation." Rhodes insisted. "We found you four years ago, burning to death and we took you Tanner under our wings and gave you the power to heal and to sense others feelings and thoughts. You're no monster."

Tanner pursed his lips into a straight ghostly white line and replied, "Funny, you gave me the power to heal and now I look like a monster and you gave me the ability to sense others for your gain making me act like a monster on strings."

The doctor stared at him, unsure how to reply before he changed the subject, "Just get in there and set up her first session, so she can begin our new DNA altering."

Tanner looked at the man, angry and disappointed before nodding and walking over to the door. No matter how wrong Tanner knew this was, he still followed Rhodes's orders. Tanner had always been that kind of person to do what he was told to do no matter how strong his opinions were. Before going into the room, Tanner glanced back at the doctor who nodded before speaking,

"Well go on."

Tanner sighed and twisted the doorknob before walking into the bright, heaven-like room. This was no heaven though. This was hell.

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