There's a Fire in the Sky

My entry for the WC41. Hopefully you'll like it; if not, whatever! ^-^

Chapter 1

A warrior grieves over his sister's body at midnight.

The battlefield is empty and still, and only the sound of the wind whistling through the trees provides a harmony for the uneven choking that issues from the soldier. He is hunched over her body, his grubby fingers running through her soft, lifeless golden curls.

Blood gapes from an open wound in her stomach, from where an arrow pierced her while she valiantly jumped in front of her brother to save him from certain death.

Suddenly, the warrior is angry. He stands up and curses at the sky, his face turning red. He stomps his foot and shakes his fist, tears glistening in his heartbroken eyes.

As quickly as the bout of anger came, it passes. He dissolves again, his shattered wails ringing out through the empty battlefield.

And the brave but broken warrior stays that way, losing his head in pain, until the first ray of sunlight arcs across the sky and lands on him. He looks up, astonished, as the sun bursts over the horizon in a magnificent swirl.

There is a fire in the sky, and if his sister is to burn, then he shall burn with her.

He draws his gun. One bullet remains, rattling around in the cartridge.

Pull the trigger...


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