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Chapter 1


"Stori! Let's go to Dewy Pond."

Those were the words that started fourteen-year-old Stori Capella's Saturdays off to a good start. And most all of Stori's Saturdays were good; for two reasons. One: she almost always went to the pond. Dewy Pond. It was a favourite pastime of hers, to take a walk around the pond, every weekend. But not alone. Which brings us to our second reason: She always went to the pond with Tahlia Nevilyn.

Tahlia was not Stori's best friend, no. She was more of an older sister, seeing as she was eighteen compared to Stori's fourteen. Stori adored her. Looked up to her, came to her for advice when she needed it, and even took her advice, because heaven knows that not a lot of younger siblings take their older siblings' advice.

This particular Saturday on which our story starts, was the Saturday where Stori and Tahlia's perfect days began to fall apart. Everything began to change, and Tahlia, most of all.

Don't get them wrong, no, Stori cared for Tahlia like her life depended on it, and life is a very fragile thing. And Tahlia loved Stori back. They were the most important people in each other's lives. They never wavered in their faith for each other. This is not a story of sibling rivalry. No, no, this is much, much more than that.

On this particular day that this particular story starts, a particular girl sat on the edge of a particular bed in her room. This particular girl was Stori Capella.

She swung her legs back and forth absentmindedly, an old habit of hers, waiting for the familiar ring of the doorbell that alerted Tahlia's arrival. For this was a Saturday of utmost importance. It was a Pond Saturday, when the two of them went to Dewy Pond together.

Stori occupied herself by looking at the walls of her room, like always. She must've seen her room a billion times, yet she seemed to always find some new, fascinating thing that she hadn't seen before.

Her room was overlooking Cascade River, and it was one of the most beautiful rooms in her house; small, but beautiful. Three huge windows decorated the peninsula of a room, while the other side faced the door. The windows didn't leave much room for her to put posters or photographs on the walls, but Stori had managed. A few calendars were wedged between the window-frames, and there was hardly a spot of wall where there wasn't a photograph.

Some of these photographs portrayed Stori and her kitten, Turtle, playing outside on the broken down tree-house. At least, Stori was playing, but Turtle looked absolutely frozen with fright, her tufty grey-and-white hair sticking up in places and her green eyes wide. There were also photographs of Stori's best friend, Ella, who'd just moved away. There were family pictures of her, her mum, and her father, who was oftentimes away for work, leaving her and her mum alone in the little riverside house. But most of the pictures were of Stori and Tahlia. Down by the river, by Dewy Pond, by Tahlia's house, by Stori's house, almost everywhere in Cascade Falls, the little, map-forgotten village that they resided in.

Her father, a businessman, often came into her room and observed the disorganised state of her walls, and suggested that they clean things up a bit, but Stori always said no. And her mum, sighing heavily, pointed out that it was Stori's room, and she could do with it what she wished.

Stori crossed her room, intending to open a window, to let some cool air drift through her room, but the doorbell rang. Ring-ring-ring.

Forgetting about the window, Stori was out the door in one second, snatching her discarded tennis shoes off the floor and thumping down the stairs before her mother could call her down.

Slipping and sliding on the hardwood floors, she finally made it to the ornately carved front doors and yanked one open. Tahlia Nevilyn stood there, her thin, cornsilk-blonde hair gently blowing to the left in the weak breeze and her blue-grey eyes twinkling down at Stori.

"Hey!" she greeted warmly, smiling at her. "Ready to go?"

Stori's mum turned the corner and came to greet Tahlia. "Hello, Tahlia! Stori, put your shoes on, for heavens' sake. And brush your hair, it's a mess!"

Stori crammed her feet into her shoes, yanked a comb through her curly brown tangles, and, hopping slightly cause she'd put her shoes on backward, waved a hasty goodbye to her mother and shut the door behind her.

Tahlia fist-bumped Stori. "What's new, Ri?" she asked cheerfully, like she always did.

But today, Stori detected something more in her friend's voice. It wasn't genuine happiness, like most days. It was sadness.

"I'm all right." Stori responded, like she always did. Perhaps today would be like any other Pond Saturday. She hoped.

She didn't like the change that was being hinted for.

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