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So, I did this as a question in one of my quizzes, and I've been pretty interested in this type of psychology since my mom did this exercise with me a little while ago. Basically, I can tell you much about your personality based on how you envision your perfect world made of three things: up in the mountains, down in the fields, and out into the world.

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Chapter 1


I'm not a psychology professor, and nor is my mother (she showed this to me). However, my mom is a neuroscientist and she's taken quite a few psychology lectures and courses, so you can take this with more than just a few grains of salt.

This idea generally states that you can tell a lot about a person just by understanding how they visualize their perfect world. For the exercise to work, your world must include three things: up in the mountains, down in the fields, and out into the world. Anything else is up to you and your imagination, but those three things have to be there.

It is how you visualize those three things that gives away your personality, and how you describe it to others. For example, I had always described my Up in the Mountains to be cold and snowy, but I had an excellent view of everything in my world and I felt uncomfortable leaving it. My Down in the Fields was full of tall, yellow grass and beautiful flowers, surrounded by a dark forest, but above was a clear sky. My Out in the World was the ocean; the beach, only with no people, and the sand was crystalline and white, and the water was pure blue.

Your world may look nothing like this; that's totally okay. Everyone's different. So just sit back, relax, and take a moment to see your perfect world in your mind's eye. There are no wrong answers.

In the next few chapters, I will try to tell you accurately what your visualization means about you.

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