I hate religous people and i've got a reason

Chapter 1

My uncle

I'll never hate you if you are religious, but if you are interfering in other people's lives; then I do hate you. Today I was wearing Capri tights and a cute sleeveless shirt on top. I was going to my friends birthday party and just to feel better as I was sick today. My uncle, who is really religious and stuff started giving me a lecture on how I should cover myself cause I'm a Muslim and all. When I said it was my problem, he complained to my mother that I don't know how to talk to elder people, I didn't even shout, I told him politely. Then my mother said to change for my uncle but I refused. He then got up and said; "Girls like you corrupt this society. Run with boys and then get r@p%ed and come home crying"

I got fierce to this and I started telling him how men like him kill women for having girls and force them to run away. I told him that he should mind his own business. I went out to my Friend's party without changing but I was very angry.


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