Leave her alone!

Chapter 1

I mean it. This is becoming way too out of line.

Now this is OUT OF LINE, you guys. One of my best friends Hayley (HayleyFlynn_Rawr or JustWantToSeeYouBeBrave) has been getting some really mean rumours spread about her recently. Now I want to say LEAVE HER ALONE. How DARE YOU HURT HER. If you've hurt her I will NOT FORGIVE YOU. She is a very kind and nice person if you get to know her! She is NOT an attention whore or ugly or plastic in any way! She is NOT mean or sarcastic or a waste of space who doesn't deserve a life. Her stories DO NOT deserve one stars or rude comments. She does NOT deserve to feel this way! I went to her house on Saturday and I asked her about it. SHE STARTED CRYING. You have no idea how serious you guys made it! She is always happy and compliment giving on the outside but she is actually CRYING on the inside. You have NO IDEA HOW MUCH YOU HURT HER! This is enough! You are going too far. LEAVE HER ALONE RIGHT NOW. She does not deserve to be treated this way! This is a form of cyberbullying. Hayley is a very nice person and IF YOU HURT HER YOU ARE BASICALLY DEAD. Look for those who think she is causing effing drama, like that girl called Josephina or whatever, SHE IS NOT. She actually was very upset about this. First Jess makes an account on here and people call her fat and ugly. Now you are targeting HAYLEY! How could you, Quibblo? I've always trusted this website and liked it. PLEASE, LEAVE HER ALONE! Is it really too much to ask??


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