Short Funny and True Stories

Chapter 1


Now keep in mind this one fact when reading this: I am in an honors class. I can't believe it because of my classmates but I am. Anyways our English teacher asked us what we knew about Julius Caesar. Well I raised my hand and my teacher ignored me. Maybe she was remember the last time I raised my hand. She asked if anyone ever did a Wordle and I raised my hand. She asked me what it was on and it was Nero. Stupidly she asked me what words and phrases I used. You can see how that went. (Burning Rome, killing Christians, killing his mom,...)

Anyways this is what my classmates came up with.

-Wasn't he an old Roman dude?
-Isn't he dead?
-Wasn't salad named after him?
-Didn't some English guy write about him?
-Wasn't he the last Holy Roman Emperor?
-Wasn't he stabbed 48 times? (No. 23 times)
-Didn't he crucify Jesus?

And my personal favorite:

-Didn't he wear a bed sheet?

All the time I'm resembling Hermonie Granger. Now we have an easy homework assignment, or so I thought. Find one source about Caesar and then get up in front of the class and talk about him from the source. I don't have a source like that, I know loads about him. My Latin class spent like 3 highly entertaining weeks on him.

But there is that story.

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